27 September 2012

Lust Have It! September 2012

I recently received my very first order from Lust have It!. Lust have it! is a monthly subscription to receive premium cosmetic and fragrance samples. I first heard about the company earlier this year when I attended a Moxie Sorority event and there was a Lust have It! brochure and sample pack in the gift bag. It costs $15 per month and you can subscribe monthly or annually. I chose to do a monthly subscription just to check it out first (and because I'm a povo uni student who really needs to watch her budget). So without further ado here is what was in this month's pack.
Lust Have It - September 2012

The items were carefully packaged in a sturdy white cardboard box and the contents were covered in black tissue paper. I thought this was a nice touch.

The September 2012 pack included a silver beauty bag and had the following contents.
1. Dermalogica PreCleanse 15mL
2. Dermalogica Active toner 30mL
3. Davroe Ultimatum Non Aerosol Hairspray 50mL
4. Mirenesse "Protect Me" in clear
5. Say it with scent - Vanilla 30mL
As well as free gift offers...

1. Dermalogica PreCleanse
The sample included in the pack is 15ml. This makeup remover was apparently a favourite on the set of 'Twilight eclipse'. I love trying out make up removers and I wanted to see if this could remove my eye makeup as well as my all time favourite: Lancome's Bi Facil. The product direction is to apply it over the face with dry hands, then wet your hands and work your dampened hands to create a milky emulsion. At first I was worried that it would grease up my face but after washing it off, my face felt quite soft and the product didn't leave that squeaky clean feeling that often feels drying on the skin. It also gently "melted" away the make up that I had on.

I would say that this product is very comparable to Clinique's 'Take the day off: Make up remover balm'. Similar concept, except dermalogica's one is in liquid form and has a pleasing herbal scent. For me it smells like rosemary, lavender and peppermint.

The full size of this product retails for $65.00 and is 150ml.

 2. Dermalogica Active toner 30ml
The product comes in a spray bottle and the directions for use is to simply spray it over your face and neck. I'm not used to this method of toning so after I spritzed the product on my face I lightly dabbed and pressed it on with a clean cotton pad. It was a refreshing experience. It smells similar to the pre-cleanser. I haven't used dermalogica products before so I'm guessing that all their stuff smells the same. The full size of this product is 250ml and retails for $51.

The September pack also included a voucher to receive a free facial upon the purchase of any dermalogica product over $50. I'm loyal to my Clinique 3-Step facial cleansing system (which I have been using since I was 16) but I found the dermalogica products to be quite interesting so I might pop into a participating store to avail of this offer and pick up a cool new face care product.
3. Davroe Ultimatum Non Aerosol Hairspray 50ml


I haven't tried this yet because I rarely style my hair to require the use of hairspray. I have however tried the Argan Oil from davroe and I was impressed by that so I think this product will live up to the company's growing reputation. The hairspray is infused with rosemary and claims to add shine to the finished style. The next time I put my hair in a bun, I'll use this and review how the product holds up with thick hair.

The bottle says that it has a floral green fragrance, but I just sprayed a bit on the ends of my hair and it smells just like all other hairsprays. This would be perfect for travel as it's packaged in a non aerosol spray bottle. The full size 200ml, retails for $19.95.

Davroe also included a voucher to claim a free styling product. You had to visit their webpage and register your favourite stockist. The site doesn't have a stockists page so I entered 'Lust Have It'. It led me to another page where I could choose a product of my choice for free. Only thing is, I had to pay for postage. I'm a little on the povo side right now so I opted out. Such a shame because I was excited to try the heat protectant spray. Perhaps next month I will avail of this.

4. Mirenesse "Protect Me" in clear

find myself sitting on the fence with this product. This balm is infused with mineral sunscreen and claims to protect against UVA and UVB rays. After a session with one of Chanel's International Make-Up Artists earlier this year, I've made sun protection a priority and I was very excited to try this. Unfortunately there wasn't much to try and the sample size was rather small.

It felt nice and smooth on my face, did not cause any breakouts and I actually used it as a primer as It had a light emollient feel to it. It was lightly scented and it reminded me of YSL's eye creams which to me has a light floral/bubblegum smell which I adore.

I'm on the fence because there's not enough of it to try. I have enough left for 1 or 2 more uses. The full 18g size retails for $69.00. I love that it's clear but I believe the product also comes tinted. Clear worked well for me. 


Also included was a voucher with a code for a free Mirenesse Item. I logged onto Facebook, registered etc. and to be honest I didnt like the whole process because I'm left a little confused and I have to wait and see If I'm chosen to receive the free gift, but I didn't lose anything from doing it so fingers crossed....

5. Say it with scent - Vanilla 30mL

This was my favourite. I always carry moisturiser with me and I loved that this was a handy purse size. The packaging is adorable and almost has a vintage-esque look to it. The product itself is luxurious and moisturising without a heavy residue. It's enriched with shea butter and contains no petro chemicals. It's also made in Australia. The vanilla fragrance is devine. When applied it doesn't smell as strong and the scent actually reminds of So Good's Vanilla Soy Ice Cream (P.S. If you're lactose intolerant like me, you must try this ice cream for a guilt-free treat).

The full 200ml retails for $26.80. My only con for this, is the opening is a little wider than most purse size tubes and the product tends to just ooze out, apart from that I love this.


Overall I enjoyed my experience with Lust have it! The company communicates brilliantly with it's customers and the packaging and postage is reliable. I do wish that there was more cosmetics but perhaps the next one will contain more makeup samples. I'm going to subscribe to it again next month. If you want to find out more and/or you're keen to give subscription a go heres the link to the Lust have it! webpage: http://www.lusthaveit.com.au/

Until next time, I hope you all take care and remember to be kind to yourself.
LittleMissSCB xo


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