14 September 2012

No sleep make up : How to fake a good night's sleep with skin care and makeup tips

Like most university students I often have a few sleepless nights, particularly in the lead up to the assesments and examination periods. I recently had to submit a research propsal worth 50%. Two days leading to the submission of my assesment I was running on 4 hours of sleep each night and coffee was my bestfriend.

Many can commiserate with me because it seems that no matter what your occupation or age, it's a fact of life that sometimes you'll have to pull all nighters. Apart from feeling like a zombie all day, sleep deprivation affects how you look. Red blood shot eyes, puffy eyebags and lack lustre skin is not a pretty look.

Here are a few things I do to fake that 'well-rested' look.

Skin care
After prepping your skin (cleanse, tone and moisturise) you need to give your eyes extra TLC. Eyes are often the first indicator of sleep deprivation.

1. Before you step into the shower pop your eye cream and body lotions into
    the fridge. This will act as a cool and soothing agent which your skin
    will thank you for.
2. Use Visine to soothe and reduce the appearance of blood shot eyes.
3. Apply a hydrating eye cream.
    I like Clinique's all about eyes cream and all about eyes eye serum.
Clinique's All About Eyes Serum (L) & Cream (R) *Note these are GWP sizes.

Go easy on the make up. You might be really tempted to pack it on your face to disguise the tell tale signs of no sleep, but often it's better to remember the motto 'less is more' when you have tired looking skin.
These are the products that I used to create my look.

Foundation: Chanel Matt Lumiere in 42 Petale
Concealer/Highlighter: YSL Touce Eclat Radiant Touch in 3
Face Powder: Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat in B30 Beige - Sable
Bronzer: Chanel Soleil Tan in 63 Terre Ambre
Lips: Chanel Le Crayon Levres Lip Liner  in 37
Eyeshadow: Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Trio (not pictured),
Eyelashes: Lashes purchased on eBay (not pictured),
Eyeliner: Christian Dior Waterproof Eyeliner in Noir Trinidad 094
Mascarra: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes


1. Apply YSL Touch Eclat under your eyes, on the brow bown, outer eyes,
    above the brow bone and softly blend in using light 'dab and roll' strokes with
    your ring finger.
2. Apply a neutral shade of eyeshadow over the entire lid.
3. Lightly contour the eyes with a soft brown eyeshadow. Blend well.

4. Apply liquid eyeliner along your top lash line on your eyelids.
5. Slightly wing it out to elongate your eyes.

6. Curl and coat your lashes with mascarra. I applied 3 coats. 
Apply false eyelashes and wait for the glue to set the lashes.

8. When your lashes are set, go over the base of the false lashes with
    liquid eyeliner to hide any residues from the glue.
9. Apply another coat of mascara to blend your falsies with your natural ones.

Skip lining your water line. You want your eyes to look wider.
My skin was a little dry and de-hydrated so I kept the rest of my make up simple. I lightly contoured my face with using Chanel's Soleil Tan bronzer in shade 63 Terre Ambre. I lined and filled in my lips with Chanel's Le Crayon Levres Lip Liner in shade 37. To add some shine and hydration I just applied a light coat of petroleum jelly using a lip brush.
To create soft waves, I just styled my hair in a bun as I was applying my makeup.  

Here's the finished look. I had about 8 hours of sleep in 48 hours. The combination of false eyelashes adding length and drama to the eyes as well as the illuminating effects of YSL's Touche Elcat pen really disguised how tired I looked. I really wish I had pictured the before shots to show and compare, but as this is my first blog post I wasn't prepared. Also appolgies for the picture quality, I just used the camera on my Blackberry. I'll endeavour to get better pics for my next blog entries

I hope this gives you a few tips to try.Of course they don't call it beauty sleep for nothing . It's always best to try to get 8 hours of sleep each night for cell repair and regeneration.

Until next time,
LittleMissSCB xo

If you are sleep deprived, do not drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery.


  1. Great post, I love Chanel foundation! X


  2. Thanks Heidi. Chanel foundations are pretty awesome and absolutely worth the investment. xo

  3. Your hair looks great like that! You should let it be free and loose like that more often!


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