31 October 2012

Lust Have It! October 2012

Hi friends!

So I finally received my Lust have it! pack for October 2012. This month's theme was 'Stop&Pink' to support the Cancer Council's Pink Ribbon campaign and help fight breast cancer. I love how a lot of companies really get on board with this great cause.

As always the pack includes a card/letter from Nicci & The Lust have it! team to explain what's included in the pack.

Here's what was included in this month's box.

This month's pack didn't come with a cosmetics purse but the items were in a lovely pink organza bag.
(It would have been cool to get a pink cosmetics bag, but this didn't bother me too much).

1. Caron Waxaway Ready To Use Sensitive Wax Strips. RRP from $9.95 (20pk)

I received 2 wax strips and an after care wipe. I'm actually glad this was in the pack because I'm going on holidays after New Year and this will come in handy for facial wax touch ups.

2. Avene Cleanance Skin. RRP from $24.95.
This month's pack contains a 25ml sample of cleanser, 5ml ex-foliating gel and 5ml lotion.
The cleanser and lotion smells fresh and reminds me of beauty products from the 90s. However I really don't like the scent of the ex-foliating gel - It smells like tabasco sauce.

These products are made in France and are dedicated for sensitive skin.

3. Star&Rose White Bath Fizzer RRP $4.95 145g
I'm excited to use this bath bomb. It smells absolutely divine. It has a light floral/fresh linen fragrance.

4. NYX Cosmetics Girls Nail Polish $4.95 12mlI love nail polishes so it was cool to receive one in this month's pack, unfortunately this colour won't flatter my my skin tone.

5. Mask in a Cup Facial Mask RRP $9.95 35g
I received a natural active clay mask for dehydrated skin, which is perfect because my skin's been a little dry lately.

This month's pack also included a 50% voucher for harvestbox. Harvest box is an online subscription (a lot like LustHaveIt!) for snacks. I've already ordered a box before I got this voucher so I'll order the bf a pack to try. There was also a $15.00 customer appreciation gift card for Adorn Mineral Cosmetics.

All in all I was happy with this month's pack, but I still wish there was more make-up samples. I'm already excited for what's in the November pack.
Are you subscribed to LustHaveIt! or other subscription boxes? Let me know what you think of them.

Until next time,
Take care of yourself.


22 October 2012

Golden Smoky Eyes. Make-up with Amanda

Make-up and hanging out with my friends are on my list of favourite things. I am lucky that I sometimes get to combine both. One of my best friends allowed me to use her as my model to create a smoky golden eye look. Check out the fun look we created!

The eye make-up used to create the look

My gorgeous friend has lovely skin so we just needed a light base.
We used Nude by Nature Mineral Powder in Medium.

The key to smoky eyes is to blend blend blend! You can use as many or as few shades as you want. Adjust and readjust the colours as you see fit. False eyelashes is a must. Smoky eyes and a nude lip go hand in hand.
You can wear a nude brown or a pinky nude shade of lipstick. It's really just preference.

I had so much fun. Thank you Amanda!
LittleMissSCB xo

FOTD 18/10/2012

16 October 2012

Beauty Bargains from Priceline

I have really been enjoying finding beauty bargains. I'm a lover of both luxury and pharmacy brands.
You don't need to spend a lot of $$$ to get quality cosmetics. Here's the haul from my latest trip to Priceline.

This lip gloss palette was only $2!
The palette includes 5 shades and a pull out mini lip brush.
Unfortunately the palette didn't state the colours.
I hope this swatch helps you with what the shades look like.

1. Magenta (Slightly Opaque)
2. Clear Gloss (Sheer)
3. Clear Glitter Gloss (Sheer)
 4. Brown/Nude (Slightly Opaque)
  5. Dark Brown/Plum (Sheer)


Maybeline Fit Foundation $14.95
Maybeline Fit Powder $10.95
FIT foundation range 1000s and 2000s
Maybeline Fit Foundation Swatch.
SAVVY by DB Cosmetics
Buy 2 get one free!
Savvy Lipstick $4.99 in Cherry
Savvy Mineral Loose Powder in 00. $9.99
Savvy EyeLiner $4.99 in White
Let me know in the comments section what your latest beauty find was and where you got it from.

Until next time. Take care of yourself.
LittleMissSCB xo

15 October 2012

Affordable Make-up in Australia

Like most beauty enthusiasts, I love watching Youtube videos and reading beauty blogs from around the world. I like to keep up with the latest trends in beauty, often learning new things along the way. There is however one thing that disheartens me when I watch these videos or read these blogs and that is the price difference of make-up in Australia compared with the rest of the world.

If you google "why is make up so expensive in Australia" you'll come across many reasons like import costs & cosmetic taxes. I don't fully understand why, all I know is, is that the significant price difference is ridiculous! Times are tough and returning to university studies, I don't really have the luxury of spending hundreds of dollars on cosmetics like I used to.

I popped in to Priceline recently and thoroughly browsed the make-up aisles, testing and trying out the merchandise. I had so much fun I didn't realise I was in there for 4 hours! I picked up quite a few make up goodies. 

Moving forward, I will review my latest bargain beauty finds and hopefully you too might find a new favourite for your make-up bag. Please share your favourite beauty finds and where you buy them from in the comments section below.

Until next time.
Be kind to yourself.

LittleMissSCB. xo 

3 October 2012

How to prep eyelids: Foundation & Translucent Powder

Prepping the eyelids is an essential step before applying eye make-up. Oil on the eyelids causes eye make-up creasing. Creating a matte canvas allows eyeshadow and other eye make-up to adhere properly. There are many procedures and products you can use to prep your eyelids. Using foundation and translucent powder is one method.

These are the products that I use, you can choose your own products of course.

Diorskin Forever Foundation by 'Dior'
Translucent Powder
Mineral Translucent Powder in Natural by 'Nude by Nature'

Diorskin Forever in shade 040

Using your ring finger, lightly dab the foundation over your entire lid.

According to acclaimed make-up artist Rae Morris, applying foundation on the eyelids will neutralise the tones on your lids and create the perfect canvas for your eye make-up.


Use a soft brush to apply translucent powder over your lids. You can also use a sponge applicator, a powder puff or even a cotton ball or pad.

Mineral Veil -  Nude by Nature

Dab the powder lightly over the eyelid.

Ensure to sweep the powder over your entire lid to remove the oiliness.

Following these easy steps ensures a matte eyelid/canvas that's ready for you to create your desired eye look!

Follow Rae Morris's easy step by step guide on eyelid preparation. Her book 'Beautiful Eyes: The Ultimate Eye Make-up Guide' is a fabulous resource.

Until next time.
Be kind to yourself,

LittleMissSCB xo


  • This blog post was not sponsored. All products aforementioned were purchased with my own money.
  • All the contents and reviews I post on my blog are a reflection of my own thoughts and opinions. They are 100% honest and in no way are they influenced by the companies I mention. My opinions are not intended to offend or malign any religious groups, ethnic groups, clubs, organisations, companies or any individual
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1 October 2012


The International Makeup Artists Trade Show (or more commonly known as the IMATS) was held in Sydney on the 29th of September. The IMATS is an annual gathering for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. Vendors sell and showcase products for professionals. Demonstrations are also given by leading pros in the industry. The event is held annually in Los Angeles, New York, London, Vancouver, Toronto and Sydney.

IMATS 2012 Sydney was held at the Darling Harbour Convention & Exhibition Center.

IMATS Sydney 2012
Entry cost was $40 for one day and $65 for two days (PreSale Price) and at the door price is $45 for one day and $75 for a two day pass.
After registration we were given a wrist band so that we could enter and re-enter the event throughout the day.

There were a variety of vendors and I was most excited to see Ben Nye Cosmetics on display.

There was also the crowd favourite, Crown Brush Australia

Other brands such as Inglot and Lime Lilly were also on display.

Attending IMATS also introduced me to some brands I did not know about. Two of my favourite newly discovered brands were Girlee Cosmetics and Naked Cosmetics Australia.

Lipsticks from Girlee Cosmetics
Girlee Cosmetics are made in the USA. I spoke to very friendly staff at IMATS and they helped me to pick fun and flattering lipstick shades. The company website is: http://www.girleecosmetics.com/

Naked Cosmetics Australia
Naked Cosmetics Australia

Naked Cosmetics is a brand which uses 100% mica. The pigments can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, bronzer, blush and more. Visit their website at http://www.nakedcosmetics.com.au.

Naked Cosmetics Australia
There was also a few demonstrations on body paint throughout the day. One in particular that stood out for me was this:
There were speakers and demonstrations on two of the stages at IMATS.

I was very excited to watch a demonstration by leading editorial Make Up Artist Natasha Severino. Natasha's work has appeared on magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazzar. She's also worked with Myer. 

Natasha describes her style as "polished and high end with quirk and a sense of humour"
Image from IMATS. http://makeupmag.com/web/
I learnt a lot of new tips from watching Natasha's demonstration. Tips such as: 
  • For matching foundation, Natasha uses the client's forearm as a guide because this is the area that is predominantly exposed to the sun.
  • Only use a clean brush to blend make up. Blending softens and takes the colour out.
  • Powder the face lightly as you go to matify the face.
  • Use Vaseline instead of Duo glue for applying glittery eyeshadow. This allows movement.
  • Use sticky tape to clean up under the eye if there is powder or glitter fall out.
  • Define eyebrows with clear gel
Image from IMATS. http://makeupmag.com/web/
I was also very lucky to have met Rae Morris at IMATS.

Rae Morris is one of the world's leading and most influential makeup artist, winning Australia's makeup artist of the year award four times. She's also a best selling author and the designer of her own makeup brush collection. She was so friendly and approachable. I had a bit of a star-struck moment when I met her, but she was absolutely lovely. 
I was so glad that my bff was with me to take this quick shot of me and Rae. 

I had a great time at the IMATS and I picked up a few things. A lot of the stuff there was at discounted prices so I picked up quite a few bargains.

The first item I bought were 3 makeup bags from Stilazzi. It was in a box and you could pick and choose 3 for $10. I chose a large mesh bag, a small mesh bag and a small clear bag.
The company website is http://www.stilazzi.com

Stilazzi makeup bags
I have heard so many great things about Smith's Rosebud Salve. They were selling it for $5 at IMATS so I picked up the original scented one.

I also bought some pipettes from LimeLilly for $1. I'll use this to drop nail polish solvent in nail polish that has thickened and gone 'gluggly'

I bought 2 lipsticks from Girlee cosmetics for $20.

I bought the colours in Deep Raspberry and Powder Mauve

Here is a swatch of the gorgeous colours:

1. Deep Raspberry
2. Powder Mauve
I also love that the top of the lids on these lipsticks comes clear. This makes it easier to see the actual colour of the product.

I also bought 2 sets of pigments from Naked Cosmetics. I bought two for $50. At first I thought that it was two individual pigment pots for $50 and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was in fact two sets of pigment collections for $50. This was such a great deal because the website sells one set for $79.00.

Each colour collection consists of 6 shades. One of the colour collections I bought was in 'Heavy Metal'. This collection has metalic shades including golds, coppers, silver and blue.


The other collection I bought was 'Naturally Nude'. I was lucky to have bought this when I did because it was the last one that they had. Naturally nude has more earthy colours of browns and golds.

I absolutely regret not purchasing more because they are so fabulous. I can't wait to use these. Next IMATS I hope they're still there because I think this is a new favourite for me!

Those who know me, know I love everything eye make-up. I love makeup in general but I love to create different eye looks. I was pleased to see that Rae Morris's book on eye make up was available for purchase at IMATS for $20.

I was very lucky to have my copy signed by Rae Morris herself!

Overall, it was a fun day. My highlights for IMATS 2012 was meeting Rae Morris, watching a live demonstration from Natasha Severino and of course discovering Naked Cosmetics. 
The event was definitely catered for industry professionals but makeup enthusiasts could also benefit from attending IMATS. 

Some possible improvements for IMATS could be to include things in their showbag. Seriously, why have an empty bag? At least put pamphlets and/or brochures in them. I understand that meeting and learning from the industry's best is priceless in itself, but it was an exhibition and for $40 It would have been nice to walk away with a little souvenir. I don't think I'd recommend IMATS to other makeup enthusiasts for that reason alone. If there was a little more of an incentive to attend, I am sure there would be a greater turn out.

The (empty) showbags given out at IMATS Sydney 2012.

I love makeup so next year if they have it again, I will still attend. I hope that there are more vendors there next year. It was also interesting to see the body paints and the gallery with prosthetics. The vibe overall was friendly and everyone was very busy and engaged with all the products there. Next year I will definitely buy the first set of pre-sale tickets because It's much cheaper, and I will most likely attend the event for the two days so I can watch more lectures.

On the day I kept my make up to a minimum but I wore Dior's 766 on my lips and jazzed up my eyes with falsies. I recommend wearing comfortable clothing and of course comfy shoes is a must!
I love the look of long eyelashes

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Until next time,
Take care of yourself.

LittleMissSCB xo


This blog post was not sponsored. All products aforementioned were purchased with my own money.

All the content and reviews I post on my blog are a reflection of my own thoughts and opinions. They are 100% honest and in no way are they influenced by the companies I mention. My opinions are not intended to offend or malign any religious groups, ethnic groups, clubs, organisations, companies or any individual.

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