22 October 2012

Golden Smoky Eyes. Make-up with Amanda

Make-up and hanging out with my friends are on my list of favourite things. I am lucky that I sometimes get to combine both. One of my best friends allowed me to use her as my model to create a smoky golden eye look. Check out the fun look we created!

The eye make-up used to create the look

My gorgeous friend has lovely skin so we just needed a light base.
We used Nude by Nature Mineral Powder in Medium.

The key to smoky eyes is to blend blend blend! You can use as many or as few shades as you want. Adjust and readjust the colours as you see fit. False eyelashes is a must. Smoky eyes and a nude lip go hand in hand.
You can wear a nude brown or a pinky nude shade of lipstick. It's really just preference.

I had so much fun. Thank you Amanda!
LittleMissSCB xo

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