3 October 2012

How to prep eyelids: Foundation & Translucent Powder

Prepping the eyelids is an essential step before applying eye make-up. Oil on the eyelids causes eye make-up creasing. Creating a matte canvas allows eyeshadow and other eye make-up to adhere properly. There are many procedures and products you can use to prep your eyelids. Using foundation and translucent powder is one method.

These are the products that I use, you can choose your own products of course.

Diorskin Forever Foundation by 'Dior'
Translucent Powder
Mineral Translucent Powder in Natural by 'Nude by Nature'

Diorskin Forever in shade 040

Using your ring finger, lightly dab the foundation over your entire lid.

According to acclaimed make-up artist Rae Morris, applying foundation on the eyelids will neutralise the tones on your lids and create the perfect canvas for your eye make-up.


Use a soft brush to apply translucent powder over your lids. You can also use a sponge applicator, a powder puff or even a cotton ball or pad.

Mineral Veil -  Nude by Nature

Dab the powder lightly over the eyelid.

Ensure to sweep the powder over your entire lid to remove the oiliness.

Following these easy steps ensures a matte eyelid/canvas that's ready for you to create your desired eye look!

Follow Rae Morris's easy step by step guide on eyelid preparation. Her book 'Beautiful Eyes: The Ultimate Eye Make-up Guide' is a fabulous resource.

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