27 November 2012

Lust Have It November 2012

My November Lust have it! box has finally arrived. I am very pleased with this month's contents. 

Lust Have It November 2012.
 I'm glad they included a beauty bag.
As always a card/note was included from Nicci & The Lust have it! team.  This month we received a make up bag. It was indicated that in future they will be putting a stop to the make up bags and include a collectable packaging instead. I quite liked the make up bags so I hope that the new packaging will be useful.

So here is what I received:

ModelCo Fibre Lashextend Mascara.
The packaging has a mirror on the barrel (not pictured).

1. ModelCo Fibre Lashextend Mascara. RRP $28
This is a new release product and claims to provide a false lash effect from the combined fibres of the rich and glossy mascara.  
I'll have to give this a try once my HG mascara (Lancome's Doll Eyes) runs out. 

Davroe Colour Senses Ends Repair

2. Davroe Colour Senses Ends Repaire. RRP $20-25
With fortifying rice proteins, hibiscus and sunflower seed extracts this product claims to restore softness and manageability to colour treated hair. This smells so wonderful and I am quite excited to use this on my regrettably damaged hair.

Face of Australia Purifying Cleansing Wipes
3. Face of Australia Purifying Cleansing Wipes. RRP $4.95
Alcohol free make-up remover wipes with dual action cleansers that purify the skin. I have heard great things about this from other beauty blogs so I can't wait to give this ago. I love the convenience of make-up remover wipes. 

Lomasi Body Creme
4. Lomasi Body Creme. RRP $22.95 236ml.
I received a 30ml sample of the pomegranate scented body creme. The product claims to moisturise dry skin whilst the pomegranate restores sun damaged skin. I was most excited about this product. It just smells so good - I almost want to eat it! It smells like fresh berries and lollies. The creme applies beautifully and is easily absorbed. Well done Lust have it! I love this! 

Star&Rose Hologram Tweezer
5. Star&Rose Hologram Tweezer. RRP $9.95
A colourful slanted tweezer. I have to say I'm not a fan. It's not great in precision removal of hairs and snapped a few strands while painfully dragging some. *shakes head* It was rather blunt and I did not like it. It's cute though, so I'll use it to apply my false eyelashes.

So there you have it. The complete contents of this month's Lust have it! box. No doubt about it, this was a vast improvement to last month's box, however (and there's always a however right? lol) I have to agree with a lot of other bloggers that the brands are getting repetitive (Davroe) and the product brands aren't premium. Whilst I have enjoyed receiving skin care samples I'm more of a make-up girl and I would love more of that. There is another subscription box called Bellabox which I'm keen to try out because I've heard that they include more make-up.

Are you subscribed to Lust have it! or BellaBox? Please let me know what you thought of this month's contents by leaving a comment below or connecting with me through Facebook (www.facebook.com/littlemissscb) or Twitter @LittleMissSCB.

I hope you're having a fabulous November, I can't believe we're so close to Christmas already!

Take care,
LittleMissSCB xo

This blog post is not sponsored and all products mentioned were purchased with my own money. Please read full disclaimer here.


  1. You should email the folks at Lust Have it with a link to your review so they'll know next time to send out more makeupstuff :D

    How much was it to receive a Lust Have It box? I'm thinking of trying out one of the beauty boxes here.

  2. lols I left a link of my blog post on their FB page but it got deleted :( oh well...The Lust Have It box is $14.95 per month including delivery.

    You should definitely try a beauty box. It's a great way to test out new items and receiving the package is so exciting! (Well for me anyway, hehe). I love seeing the beauty boxes from overseas.


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