30 November 2012

Time Saving Beauty Tips - Getting ready for a night out.

So today me & my gorgeous friend (and personal trainer) Felicity were on a mission. A mission to get her ready for a night out and shop for an outfit - all in the space of 2 hours! 

We succeeded in finding her something to wear. (P.S. this is a woman who knows what she wants and has mastered the art of scanning through racks and spotting what she likes!). 

After clothes we proceeded to get her hair done. We needed to get her nails done too and we were running out of time. We were planning on a full pedi spa, then just buying nail polish & varnish remover and doing a DIY instead. It was almost mission impossible until the lovely and very talented Nikki from Perfect Quick Cut & Colour - Roselands suggested that because we were short on time, we could just get a buff - shape & polish. It was so simple and brilliant! 

So here are some time saving beauty tips if you have to get ready for a night out.

* Get your hair washed and blow dried professionally.
It saves you the stress and hassle, besides who doesn't love getting pampered? A professional blow dry will also last a little longer.

Save time and money: Buff, shape and polish.
Nails need to be done asap? Skip the extras and ask for a buff shape and polish - you still end up with gorgeous professionally painted nails but cut the price and pedi time down by half.
If you want to splurge a little you can opt for shellac. It'll dry faster and last at least 3x longer than regular polish.

* Wear Thongs/Slipppers
After getting a pedi the last thing you want to do is smudge them by wearing shoes. A handy tip is to always keep a pair in your car.

* Fan your feet!
If you're driving you can switch on the A/C that directs to your feet. Your pedi will be dry by the time you reach your destination :) 

* Skip the manicureIf you can, I suggest skipping the manicure. If you're short on time you'll be rushing around and the odds of you smudging your freshly painted nails is very high. If you must, opt for a buff, shape and polish and please choose a light neutral tone on your manicure. One of my greatest beauty rules is never apply dark polish if you're in a rush. At least with a neutral tone, if you smudge it, it's less noticeable.

* Focus on the essentials
Time and money does not grow on trees - Use both well. If you're short on time you really need to work out what needs to be done and prioritise accordingly. This could end up saving you $$$ too. For example by choosing the buff, shape and polish instead of the deluxe pedi spa Felicity saved  $23, paying only $12 instead of $35.

* Don't just buy things when you're short on time and stressed.There's no point buying something just because you're stressed and feel like you've got nothing to wear. You'll end up regretting the purchase. If you've looked around and still can not find anything to wear, don't buy anything. Any outfit can be jazzed up with the right accessories. Accessories are cheap. You won't regret something under $20 but you might regret buying a dress over $100+ that you bought when you were stressed and not thinking right...

* Take time to chill
Remember you're going out to have fun - not meet the Queen. At the end of the day it's all about the company you're with & having fun. 

I hope these tips helped. If you have any time saving beauty tips please comment below, or you can comment on my FB page www.facebook.com/LittleMissSCB or catch up with me on Twitter @LittleMissSCB.

Enjoy the happy snaps we took xo.

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