3 December 2012

Farewell Addicted to lip balm + haul

Along with Aussie lip balm lovers, I was very sad to learn that the  Addicted 2 Lip Balm website closed. Fortunately I ordered a few things and snapped up a bargain. I ordered 3 organic lip balms. The items were packaged well and shipped promptly after payment.

I wish the online store was not closing down because it was so handy to have a website dedicated solely to lip balm. 
I will do a product review on each of the lip balms below soon.

LittleMissSCB xo

This blog post is not sponsored and all products mentioned were purchased with my own money. Please read full disclaimer here.


  1. How did I not know about this website? and now its gone! lol. Love your blog xo

    1. Hi Kelly. I know right? I only just discovered the site and they closed down :(

      Thank you so much, I love your blog too xo.


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