31 December 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Hello my lovely friends 

I can hardly believe that 2013 is coming to an end This year definitely feels like it zoomed past. You may have noticed that I haven't been blogging as much this past fortnight and this is due to some personal and difficult circumstances, but I will be back in the swing of things tomorrow. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my readers. I truly appreciate you all taking the time to come past my little space on the net. 

I'll be away for a while but I have scheduled posts all lined up and even a giveaway for the new year

I wish everyone a truly happy 2014. May we continue to all be kind to one another.
Thank you again for the continued support and see you  in the new year .

♥ Sunshine

20 December 2013

Download My Free Blog Editorial Calendar

Hello my lovelies. I am super excited to share with you my free editorial calendar. I created this to help me get organised in 2014. Feel free to download, share and print this off for your use. Let me know if you like it or if you have any suggestions for me.


Free 2014 Annual and Monthly Blog Editorial Calendar_Blog Organisation_LittleMissSCB.pdf by LittleMissSCB

For anyone interested in learning how to embed pdfs on to their blog check out this link: http://www.tech.spoilertv.com/2012/05/embedding-pdf-or-other-documents-into.html

It's been a great resource for me. 

19 December 2013

Make Up Wish List 2013-2014

Make-Up Wish List

Make-Up Wish List by littlemissscb

With Santa arriving soon and holiday sales popping up left right and center, I decided to make a collage of the makeup items I have been wanting to get. The first things I'll be ticking off this list would most likely be the Tom Ford Contour and Highlight Compact, The Lipsticks and the Chanel eyeshadows. 

What's on your Make Up wishlist? Have you tried any of the products above?

17 December 2013

The importance of family

Before I get back on track with my usual content this week, I wanted to post about something that means a lot to me. I wanted to do a post on family. Family doesn't necessarily have to mean your biological family or even the people who you grew up with. Your family unit can include whoever you want.
Too often it's easy to take for granted the people whom we hold dear to us. It's easy to fight and get annoyed at our loved ones especially during this time of the year. Let's instead cherish those we love and let them know we love them instead of focusing on the things that annoy us about them. Life is too short to stay angry at people, especially the people you love. At the risk of sounding like a high hippie, If in doubt, just ask yourself: what would love do?.

Cherish the people you love & work on what you can because the sad truth is that tomorrow you may not get the chance 

10 December 2013

My Yellow Nail Polish Collection Swatch and Photos

I've been in search of a perfect nail polish shade. I recently bought a few yellow shades and culled my collection and discovered that I had collected a good range of yellow polishes. In my collection I now have 7 yellow nail polishes.

The shades in my collection are:

  1. Cracker Jack 143 by Colour by TBN
  2. Sunshine Yellow by Amuse Nail Lacquer. I reviewed this polish last month. Click here to read it.
  3. 305 Electric Top Speed nail polish  by Revlon
  4. Honolulu by Ulta3 Nail Colour
  5. Exotic Canary by Ulta3 Nail Colour
  6. Wanna Be Your Sunshine by Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish
  7. Sunshine 280 by Rimmel London
The image above doesn't really show the shade differentiation, especially the slightly shimmery butter yellow shade of 305 Electric Pop (No. 3). My favourites in the collection would have to be both the polishes from Ulta3. Evelyn from @CottonCandyDiva recommended Fierce 'N' Tangy by Maybelline but I haven't been able to spot it at the stores I go to, so I'm definitely on the look out for that shade. If you have any yellow polish recommendations please let me know =)

What's your favourite yellow nail polish? Do you collect a certain colour?

This post was not sponsored.  All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. My reviews contain my  100% honest opinions . They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further information on my disclosure and disclaimer policies please access the 'Terms and Conditions' tab on top. For enquiries please contact Sunshine via email: littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com 

9 December 2013

Ulta3 Nail Polish Candy Cane 2013 Photos and Swatches

Over the weekend I picked up a little pre-Christmas treat for myself, and at only $12.95 why not?! 
The 10 Ulta3 nail polishes are packaged in a cute clear candy cane stick. 

Ulta3 2013 Nail Polish Candy Cane

The colours included in the set are:

  • Spring Break a deep purple cream shade.
  • Blue Marlin a dark blue cream shade.
  • Pacific Fever a deep seafoam green with shimmer.
  • Party Shoes a pink and coral cream shade.
  • Fruit Punch a deep blue toned cream shade.
  • Over The Rainbow a multi coloured glitter polish. My favourite in the set!
  • Twinkle Toes a silver glitter polish.
  • Pot Of Gold a gold glitter polish.
  • Tahiti a neon cream shade.
  • Fruit Tingle a neon pink cream shade.

Each nail polish is priced at just under $1.30 each ($12.95/10). Ulta3 polishes are Australia's #1 selling nail polish brand and it's not hard to understand why. They are highly pigmented and self-leveling polishes.

What's your favourite nail polish in this collection? Have you tried Ulta3 nail polishes?

This post was not sponsored.  All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. My reviews contain my  100% honest opinions . They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further information on my disclosure and disclaimer policies please access the 'Terms and Conditions' tab on top. For enquiries please contact Sunshine via email: littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com 

Thankful For Blogger Friends Tag

Image via www.kpsays.com
I love reading and answering blogging tags. I always feel like it helps readers know the blogger behind the blog a little better. The 'Thankful For Blogger Friends Tag' comprises of 14 questions about yourself and 14 questions about your blog. I was recently tagged by the lovely Natalie from http://yourstrulyny.blogspot.com.au/ to do this tag. To keep things succinct I only answered the first 14 questions. So without further ado here are my answers to the questions. 

(Please be specific in your answers, so we can all learn something!)
  1. How long have you been blogging? 
    I have been blogging for about 1 year. My first ever post is titled 
    "No sleep make up : How to fake a good night's sleep with skin care and makeup tips" and was posted on the 14th of September back in 2012. I took the photos on my Blackberry Curve, I was so nervous about posting my image on my blog and I still get anxious about doing this so unless the post requires it, I avoid doing it.
  2. Are there any bloggers who helped you out/encouraged you when you first started your blog?
    When I first started blogging I learnt a lot from reading Tine's blog over at http://www.beautyholicsanonymous.com/. She has a series called 'Bloggie Wednesday" and is such a fantastic resource for newbie bloggers.
  3. What Social Media has given you the most traffic to your blog?  Is there a platform that you don’t use?
    I think Instagram and Twitter bring the most traffic to my blog. I haven't been as active on my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LittleMissSCB) and pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/littlemissscb/) page lately.
  4. How often do you post?  Do you have a regular schedule?
    I try to follow a schedule but then life gets busy and throws it off (who can relate? haha). I really have to schedule posts on blogger and/or take my laptop with me when I get the inspiration to write.
  5. Where do you blog?
    Usually on my bed or lounging in front of the telly.
  6. What camera do you use?  What photo editing software do you use?
    I use a point and shoot camera Cannon IXUS 125 HS and my Samsung Galaxy S2 to take photos. I use pixler on my phone to edit my images.
  7. How did you come up with your blog name?
    Initially I wanted LittleMissSunshine or SunshineBeauty but both domains were taken. Also Little Miss Sunshine is associated to the cartoon character and the movie so I didn't want to breach copyrights. Even though I predominantly blog about beauty, I wanted to keep my blog name opened to other topics so I didn't include beauty in my blog name.
    SCB are my initials and since I wanted my blog to reflect my interests and passions, I thought it was a fitting name.
  8. Do you do any regular “series” posts on your blog?
    No. I do a lot of monthly beauty box subscription posts. I plan to re-structure my blog and include a lot more of a personal touch and maybe start a "series" post.
  9. What draws you to a blog?
    Blog layout, readability and writing tone. I like a blog that is precise and to-the point. Great images also helps. My images are in no way pro but I do try to make them clear and sized well.
  10. What turns you off of a blog? 
    I'd have to go with Natalie on this one and say spelling mistakes. A few here and there are ok, I know my posts have a few spelling and grammatical mistakes but A WHOLE post with constant mistakes and saying "wiv" instead of with is annoying to read.

  11. How many blogs do you subscribe to? Are they all beauty related?
    A LOT! haha! I think I follow around 100 (give or take 10) blogs. I follow beauty, lifestyle, health and fashion blogs.
  12. When do you generally read blogs?
     I read a lot of my favourite blogs at night time. Usually after 10pm-ish but I tend to post in the morning or early arvo.
  13. What is your favorite type of post, and why?
    I love review and tag posts. I find that reading reviews helps me to decide whether or not I want to invest in a product or buy something new. Tag posts are great because you get to learn so much about a blogger.
  14. What is your least favorite type of post, and why?
    Whilst I'm opened to all posts, blatant attack or negative posts put me off. There's a difference between an opinion and a rant and I don't think it's fair to subject your readers to butt load of negativity just to make yourself feel better...
I want to say a huge thank you to Natalie.
Check out her blog: 
She's super nice so stop by and say hi to her. 

8 December 2013

Winner of Missha Nail Polish Re-announcement

Hi lovelies, I hope you've all had an awesome weekend. Unfortunately the winner of my last competition did not email me her details and I could not find her on my social media pages, so I decided to pick a new winner via random.org. 

Please email me your details including your postal address and your social media handlers so I can verify your competition entry. 

Quote of the week

3 December 2013

EMC 2013 Cover

Armin Van Buuren and Jack Tregoning of inthemix

I have been given the awesome job of covering the 2013 EMC for popular trance site http://www.thetranceproject.com.au/. To keep up with instant updates and conference coverage follow @tranceprojectau on twitter and of course yours truly @LittleMissSCB.

I'll be back on Thursday with regular beauty and lifestyle posts. 
❤ Sunshine

If you're at the EMC come past and say hi to me and Miguel from The Trance Project.

October & November 2013 Product Empties

The last two months has seen me use up quite a few things. I feel an odd mix of sad and happy emotions when I empty out products. Who else feels like this? I used up skincare, face care, nail care and makeup. Most of these stuff are staples for me so if I don't already have it in stock I've already re-purchased them. There are some however that I won't be re-purchasing such as the Molton Brown shower gels.

I received one of the shower gels from a beauty box and the other cam in a David Jones beauty bag. Although they're very opulent and smell so wonderful (pretty much my criteria for buying stuff), I just find them a little too-pricey considering that it'll literally just go down the drain. I will however keep the mini transparent bottles because they're so useful for when I travel or for overnight/weekend getaways. I hope they include Molton Brown shower gels in one of the many beauty boxes I'm subscribed to.

Have you emptied out any product(s) lately?

1 December 2013

Blog Winner Announcement

Thank you to everyone who entered my first blog competition. 

Please email me at littlemissscb.inquire@homail.com with your details
 including your twitter and instagram usernames x

Quote of the week

30 November 2013

November 2013 Lust Have It! Box

At long last my November 2013 Lust Have It! box has finally arrived. The contents were packaged in the new Lust Have It! collectible/re-usable boxes, which I am already using to store some of my blog's contact cards. 

This month had 10 lovely surprises with 4 of them being full sized.

  1. MARY KAY Pedicure Set RRP $38, Pack
    Received Pedicure Brush/Pumice Stone and Beauty Bag.

    The full pamper  kit contains a relaxing foot soak, foot scrub, foot balm and bush/pumice stone - all packaged in the clear cosmetic bag.

    I'm really happy I got the cosmetic bag. It's a decent size and I love that it's got some transparency  to it so I can see what's inside. This will definitely come in handy on short trips away.
  2. DAVROE Jojoba Creme Treatment RRP $11.95, 50ml. Received Full Size Product.

    Intensive hair treatment to help repair and seal damaged hair. Made in Australia and petrochemical and paraben free.

    I absolutely love Davroe hair products and I have LHI! to thank for introducing me to this lovely brand. The product sinks into the ends of my tragic locks without making them greasy or sticky. So far I'm loving this hair cream but the scent (or lack there of) could be improved. I'm used to the Davroe hair products having a sweet floral scent.
  3. PALMERS Gentle Facial Scrub RRP $9.99, 150ml. Received 15g sample.
    Contains micro-fine cocoa beans to gently exfoliate the face and remove dead skin cells.

    I haven't tried this scrub yet, but Palmers makes gorgeous body lotions so I'm sure this scrub will be just as good. It's unscented and the exfoliating granules look really small and refined.
  4. AVEDA Botanical Kinetics

    Gel Cleanser RRP $54.95, 150ml. Received 7ml sample.
    Hydrating Lotion RRP $79.95, 150ml. Received 7ml sample.

    Both products are suited for normal to oily skins. The really do smell "botanic" and natural. No harsh scents which bodes well for both of these products. Aveda has a large following, so many fans can't be wrong. I'll most likely be reserving these for my Christmas getaway as they are the perfect travel size.
  5. BENEFIT They're Real Mascara RRP $38, 8.5ml. Received 3.0g sample.

    "Long wearing black formula lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and separates"

    I still have a lot of mascara's to go through, so I won't be using this for a long time. Excited to try this because this claims to really lengthen the lashes which is pretty much the reasons why I wear mascara. I'm not too fussed about curl and volume but I do love long flirty lashes =)
  6. MARY KAY Thinking Of You Eau De Parfum RRP $30, 29.6ml.
    Received 2 x fragrance towelettes.

    The perfume sampels are sealed titghtly so I have no idea what they smell like. I'll be throwing this in my handbag or gym kit. Perfume samples are super handy to have in your bags - You never know when you want to spritz up and the small and portable sizes make these perfect.
  7. LONVITALITE 24K Active Gold Yulan Eye Mask RRP $9.95, Single Mask.
    Received FS.
    "...Provides immediate intense cooling and soothing relief"

    I really enjoyed the LonVitalite face mask so I'm sure these eye masks will be a delight to use.

    Are you subscribed to Lust Have It! or other beauty boxes?
    What was your favourite product in the November beauty boxes?

    P.S. My International blog giveaway ends tomorrow, the 1st of November. 
    Enter my MISSHA Nail Polish giveaway here. Good luck❣

    This post was not sponsored.  All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. My reviews contain my  100% honest opinions . They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further information on my disclosure and disclaimer policies please access the 'Terms and Conditions' tab on top. For enquiries please contact Sunshine via email: littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com 

28 November 2013

Violet Box November 2013

This month's Violet Box is rather exciting. It has products that I've never used before and 4 out of the 5 beauty products are full sized (yay!). The contents were packaged in the company's very pretty and reusable box. I really appreciate how Violet Box makes an effort in wrapping and packaging.

Violet Box November 2013 | Packaging
Violet Box November 2013 | Box Contents
Body Armour, Tailor, Model Co., Guess
  1. BODY ARMOUR Face Cream 50ml RRP$32.00 (received full size)
    "Formulated as an after treatment moisturiser but can also be used as a daily moisturiser"

    I think I'll reserve this for at home facials =). I love the pump bottle with a turn-lock nozzle. The scent reminds me of Veet salon wax, and I love the scent of that so this is a non-issue for me. Really happy to receive this because it more than pays for the $22.95 per month cost.

  2. TAILOR Detoxifying Facial Treatment RRP $40.00 for a pack of 10 (Received 1 mask)
    "Unclogs pores and gently exfoliates sensitive skin"

    This mask smells divine and spa-like (you know that aroma-therapy/natural scent that spas have?). I can't wait to try this one out!

  3. MODELCO. Colour Box Eye Pencil in Black RRP $18.00 (Full Size)
    "High pigment and long wearing without dragging or pulling..."
    I love that this has an inbuilt sharpener!

  4. MODELCO. Blush in Amaretto Sunset 03 RRP $18.00 (Full Size)
    "Create a beaming and rosy glow on the go with a built in compact mirror"

    The dark dusty rose shade I got compliments my skin tone. I think it would suit medium-dark skin tones as it may be too bold and mucky looking for fair tones. I love that the blush's compact mirror swivels out so that the blush and mirror is both opened at the same time. The swivel mirror is also handy & hygienic because you can keep the blush covered if you just want to use the mirror. I have a lot of compacts and this is the first of it's kind. Very unique!

  5. GUESS Perfume Samples Guess Girl & Guess Night

    Guess Girl is a true glamour girl scent. It's fun, flirty and fruity. I would have loved it so much more if the perfume sample wasn't in a sachet. It's a little awkward trying to apply perfume when it oozes out of a packet. Not very clever packaging...

    Guess Night smells really masculine. It's got that sexy men's fragrance scent to it that isn't over powering. Definitely worth getting for the man in your life.

    I really loved this box! Seriously Violet Box just seems to keep impressing me. Definitely my favourite out of all my subscription boxes.
Are you subscribed to Violet Box? What did you think of this month's contents?

P.S. I'm currently running an international blog giveaway. 

This post was not sponsored.  All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. My reviews contain my  100% honest opinions . They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further information on my disclosure and disclaimer policies please access the 'Terms and Conditions' tab on top. For enquiries please contact Sunshine via email: littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com

BellaBox November 2013

This month's BellaBox is a little underwhelming to say the least. Firstly, I received an email from the Bella Box team saying that the boxes would be late because they were waiting for some beauty products to arrive and also that the new packaging would be included. When my parcel arrived however, I noticed I didn't get the cosmetics bag, instead I got a disposable box. Not entirely a deal breaker but if you're going to promise your customers something, it should be delivered...

This month the box had 6 contents, 3 of which are full sized so that was definitely a goodie!.

Broken BellaBox Pout Pencil :(

  1. SIMPLE Eye Makeup Corrector Pen
    This removes eye makeup mistakes and is perfect for helping to create a perfect winged eye liner. I usually dip a pointed cotton tip in to an eye makeup remover so this is will be a handy tool to keep in my makeup bag.
  2. CARON LABORATORIES Bump Eraser Medi Paste
    I get a lot of in grown hairs so this will be interesting to use. The directions advise you to apply on to clean and dry skin after hair removal once daily for 7-10 days. Fingers crossed that this works because having to exfoliate daily to treat in grown hairs is a little tiresome.
    A night time exfoliate to help remove dead skin cells. Directions advise to apply this every 3rd night to begin with for 1 week and let the skin rest for a week and then repeat the process. Excited to give this a go!
  4. TIMELESS TRUTHS Deep Sea Moisturising Mask
    This mask helps to restore moisture in the skin. Definitely reserving this for my next DIY facial.
  5. BELLABOX Pout Pencils in Ruby Tuesday
    A highly pigmented lip colour infused with Vitamin E and beeswax.
    I was so excited about this but then disappointed that it pretty much broke off after I opened the cap. It's such a shame because the red is such a gorgeous shade *sigh*
  6. NAKED TAN Body Cleanser
    An alcohol-free body wash that removes oranges patches but won't ruin your tan. I don't apply false tan so I'm going to reserve this for a Summer giveaway I've got planned.

All in all this box wasn't incredible for me this month. I've been going around the blogo-sphere and see that other people's contents were better. There should be more uniformity in what's inside the boxes because everybody pays the same amount. I do however like the SIMPLE eye makeup corrector and if the pout pencil wasn't broken, I would have loved that too. Hopefully next month's BellaBox is better.

Are you subscribed to Bella Box? What do you think of this month's contents?

P.S. I'm currently running an international blog giveaway. 

27 November 2013

Priceline 40% off Cosmetics Sale Haul

My Priceline Haul
My Priceline package finally arrived! I was super excited not only because I got stuff on sale, but also because I bought things I don't already have or haven't used before (with the exception of the Sally Hansen nail polish remover and the Prestige eyeliner). I'm glad I did my shopping online otherwise I could have done more damage with the 40% off sale.

So here's what I bought:
  • REXONA Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant.
    So this one wasn't actually for me and wasn't included in the cosmetic sale. I bought these for the bf. If your guy works out a lot or sweats a lot this deodorant is definitely worth a try. They're pricier than your average deo. but they work very well.

  • MODELS PREFER Brush Cleaner
    I recently bought the MAC brush cleaner so I wanted to try a pharmacy brand alternative. This smells like coconuts and acts as an anti bacterial spray so I have high hopes for it.

  • REVLON Top Speed Nail Polish in 305 Electric
    I can't wait to test out this yellow polish. I'm in a yellow nail polish loving phase at the moment.

  • ESSENCE Colour & Go Nail Polish in 137 Wanna Be Your Sunshine
    My friend Carmen loves Essence polishes so I thought I'd give this a go + the name is practically perfect for me! hehe.

  • SINFUL COLORS Nail Polish in 300 Easy GoingFrom googling swatches of this colour it seemed like such a pretty neutral pink shade, so I can't wait to give this a go.

  • ESSIE Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple
    I actually already bought this colour and was meant to choose Ballet Slippers.  I haven't opened it yet so fingers crossed that Priceline accepts a swap in store.

  • ESSIE All In One Nail VarnishI wanted to give this base coat a go. It's actually an all rounder but I'll keep it as a base coat so it doesn't get colour contaminated.

  • PRESTIGE Eye Liner in Black
    I haven't used this eyeliner since I was around 10 years old (yes I started with makeup at a young age) so I'm excited to see if it was as good as I remembered it to be.

  • PRESTIGE Lipstick in Romantic Red
    I was clearing up my make up drawers and discovered that whilst I have a ton of lipsticks, I don't actually own enough reds so this is a new addition my collection. I love the vintage-esque script on the lipstick barrel.

  • BOURJOIS PARIS Rouge Edition Lipstick in 13 Rouge Jet Set
    I have the 07 Fuchsia Graffiti lipstick, and I love it so I wanted to get it in red.

  • FACE OF AUSTRALIA Lip Quench Lipstick in Malibu Barbie
    This is definitely a Barbie pink / Nikki Minaj shade of lipstick. I haven't tried it yet but I'm loving the feel of the packaging and the fact that it's SPF 30+. I wish more shades weren't sold out online.

  • BEAUTY ESSENTIALS Makeup Remover Wipes
    These were less than $10.00 for a 3 pack of 25 wipes so it was totally great value for money. The wipes are hypoallergenic and alcohol free so I know my sensitive face is going to love these.

    What did you get from the recent 40% off cosmetics sale from Priceline? 

Confessions Of A Beauty Addict Tag

Hello friends, I thought  I'd do a 'Confessions Of A Beauty Addict Tag' today. This tag is the sames as the confessions of a beauty blogger tag. I first learned of this tag from the very lovely Natalie. I've combined questions from Emma's and Chel's blog. So without further ado here are the tag questions and my answers.

3 Beauty Things I suck at

  1. Hair styling.
    As far as hair styling goes, I can place my hair in a 'sock bun' and make a fierce pony tail  but anything beyond that I'll leave to the professionals 
  2. Sticking to a skin care regime. 
    The very reason why I love the Clinique 3 Step System. It's super easy and doesn't require much effort. I know I should be more diligent with applying all the lotions and potions I've bought but by the end of the day when I'm tired I want to spend less than 5 minutes on an evening routine.
  3. Applying blush.
    I'm attending a Chanel masterclass so I'll finally be able to perfect this fundamental skill! haha!

Qs & As

  • Why Did You Start Blogging & How Long Have You Been Blogging For?
    I wanted a space in the big www. to share what I know. I don't work in the beauty industry but my mum ran her own salon when I was younger so I've always been surrounded by beauty and cosmetics. It's always been a passion of mine and I wanted an outlet to express my interest.

  • What Makes Being A Beauty Blogger So Much Fun?Interacting with and learning from other beauty bloggers.

  • What Have You Learnt From Becoming A Beauty Blogger?
    I've learnt about new products and tried some things I wouldn't have ever considered.

  • Have You Changed Anything Since Being A Beauty Blogger?
    I've become a lot more adventurous in my selection of cosmetics. I used to only stick to certain brands but I'm so glad that through reading other blogs I've been introduced to so many new things!

  • What Advice Would You Give To A Beauty Blogger Just Starting Out?
    I guess I'm just starting out myself, but something I always think about before posting is asking myself "Why am I posting this?". Having a clear goal before posting really helps me. Also, stay true to yourself and the reason(s) on why you started blogging in the first place. Whatever motivated you to write is your own business, you don't ever have to justify yourself to other people as long as you're not hurting anyone and you enjoy what you do, keep doing it =)

  • What Do You Wear While Blogging?
    Most likely trackies or I'm in my PJs haha! It takes me a while to write a post so I enjoy being comfy.

  • Most Awkward Blogging Moment.
    I use blogger to upload my posts and I always press publish instead of save, so I end up publishing drafts sometimes haha.

  • Are You A Spender Or A Saver?
    Spender for sure. I always say I'm a marketers dream! I get sucked into campaigns even though I know what they're trying to do and all the marketing strategies they use to get customers. What can I say? I love shiny new things =)

    But having said that (^) I do still have my proud thrifty moments. There are things out there that you have to spend a bit more on if you want the results, but there are also things you can choose to save rather than splurge on. For example nail polish, I have $2 nail polishes that put my $20 OPI's to shame.

  • Who's your favourite blogger?
    There are sooooo many awesome bloggers out there but my favourite would have to be the Raeviewer. She's more of a youtube-guru but her blog is pretty awesome too. Her content is primarily luxury and designer brands, so If you're wondering about whether or not you should invest in that expensive makeup, chances are Rae's done an honest review on it on her blog.


What Are Your Top 5 Make-Up Must Haves
  1. Lancome Hynose Doll Eyes Mascara.
  2. YSL Le Touche Eclat Foundation
  3. Benefit  Boing Industrial Strength Concealer
  4. Christian Dior Pencil Eyeliner in Black
  5. Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks.
Name Your Top Five Beauty Brands
  1. Christian Dior
  2. Chanel
  3. Lancome
  4. YSL
  5. Laura Mercier

What's One Quote That You Wish The World Could Live By?

Image from http://inspirationalpicturequotes.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/no-act-of-kindness-is-ever-wasted.html

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please do the tag as well and leave me a link of your post in the comments section so I can read your answer.

Also, I have a little giveaway running at the moment. Click here to enter. 

25 November 2013

Sunshine Yellow By Amuse Nail Lacquer. Photos and Review.

I first featured this polish here on the blog when I posted a Musical Notes Nail Design a couple of weeks ago. Sunshine Yellow by Amuse Nail Lacquer is a cheerful bright yellow shade that'll have you singing ♫ Sunshine lollipops and rainbows ...

The polish's brush made application easy because it was dense and not overly wide. The polish however is streaky and not self levelling. Opacity is also hard to achieve. I applied a white base coat and 6 light layers to achieve full opacity. Drying time is lengthy with full opacity but with a good fast dry top coat you can reduce drying time. Longevity for this polish isn't so good with the polish showing signs of peeling or chipping after 3 days.

The polish is packaged with 18ml of product. The unique distinction of the packaging  is the diamante ring line on the brush handle, however the bottle shape is pretty standard and similar to the OPI bottles. I received this product in a Lust Have It! box (not sure which one though) so unfortunately I'm not sure how much it retails for.

Would I re-purchase this? Honestly no. As much as I love the polish's vibrancy it's not a polish that I would be 100% happy with, only because multiple layers are needed for opacity. I can however recommend this polish for use in nail art designs.

What's your favourite vibrant nail polish? I'm still in search of a perfect yellow nail polish so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments section below.

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24 November 2013

First Blog Giveaway. Win 2 Missha Nail Polishes

Hello my lovely friends. Today I have my very first ever blog giveaway.
So here's what you can win:

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T's & Cs
  • Competition is opened to International readers.
  • The competition starts today (24th November 2013) and is opened for 1 week only. 
  • The winner will be announced here on the blog, on twitter & facebook on the 1st of December 2013, 8pm AEST.
  • The winner must email littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com by the 8th of December otherwise a new winner will be announced.
  • Entrants must adhere to the conditions of entry as listed above.
  • The winner will be selected using an online random selector. Results will be posted on the blog along with the winner announcement.
  • The prize will be sent via Australia Post registered mail. All care will be taken to ensure that the prize is well packaged, however I am not liable for loss or damage during transit.

Good luck! x

Quote of the week

22 November 2013

Get fabulous nails with Epic Nail nail foil kits

I love nail art but sometimes I'm deterred by it because it can be time consuming and often difficult to do. The Epic Nail Nail Foils Kit is the perfect solution to an easy and fast nail art design. Epic Nail has generously given me a nail foil kit to review. I chose the Essentials Nail Foil Kit because the 'All Laced Up' foil design really appealed to me.The kit contains 6 foil designs, 10 orange/cuticle sticks and nail foil glue. Applying these foil designs can get addictive because it’s so quick and easy to create gorgeous nails. Luckily the kit contains enough foils for over 60 manicures.
All Laced Up | Nail Foil
Application is a breeze once you get the hang of it. Instructions are included in the packaging but if you’re more a visual kinda gal just do a quick YouTube search. The foils can be applied after a coloured manicure or on your bare nails. Just apply the opaque white foil glue (included) and allow it to dry clear before placing the nail foil on your nail, design side up. Press on the foil and rub the surface firmly. Use a cotton bud or the slanted end of an orange stick (included) to press out any air bubbles. Gently peel back the foil and voila! You have a fabulous nail design. Apply a clear top coat to seal the design, but don’t use a fast drying top coat because they can alter the foils design.
Nail Foil Application
The Result

My Tips
When I first tried applying these it ended up being a fail, not because of the products themselves, but because I was waaayyy too eager and 
didn't follow the instructions properly. Make sure that the glue dries clear, this takes about 1 – 2 minutes, before you put the nail foil on top.

If you find that after removing the foil, the design 
didn't completely transfer over on to your nails, don’t panic because fixing it up is a cinch! Just apply the design over the bare spot and repeat the surface rubbing procedure again.

The glue remains tacky for a while but if it does dry out and you still have some bare spots to fill, just apply a light layer of glue, wait for it to dry and repeat the process.

Pre-cut the foil strips to make application easier. I recommend approximately 3cm pieces.

Once you’re done with your design, removal is super easy with nail polish remover. Alternatively soak a cotton pad with acetone polish remover, place the cotton on your nail, wrap with a piece of aluminium foil, wait 10-15 minutes and your design should be cleaned right off.

The foil kits as well as other awesome goodies are available from www.epicnail.com.au.
The kits cost $73.98, but are currently on sale for only $36.99

The wonderful team at Epic Nail has alsokindly given me a special voucher code for my readers. Enter BLOGLITTLEMISS at check out to get free shipping on all orders over $30.00 (Valid until December 31, 2013). 

Have you tried nail foiling before? 

This post was not sponsored.  All products mentioned were sent to me for review consideration. My reviews contain my  100% honest opinions . They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further information on my disclosure and disclaimer policies please access the 'Terms and Conditions' tab on top. For enquiries please contact Sunshine via email: littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com

Flashback Friday! Five Ol' Skool Tracks

Right In The Night | Jam & Spoon

Into The Groove | Madonna

I Touch Myself | Divinyls

Every Little Thing I Do | Soul For Real

The Brick Track Vs. Gitty Up | Salt 'n' Pepa ft. Rufus Blaq

What's your favourite Friday track?

20 November 2013

Milk & Co. Haul

When Vogue hosted the online shopping night last week, I took advantage of the great sales. Luckily for me, Milk & Co. had an awesome 50% off sale so I picked up a few items. I haven't tried anything from this brand before so I'm super excited to try these things out.

The items were wrapped in a parcel-like packaging with brown paper bag and white twine. Before I even opened the packaging I could smell the gorgeous and natural aromatic scent coming from these gorgeous products.

Milk & Co. is a company by Olympic swimming champion Michael Kim and his wife Lindy Klim and they offer natural products for the whole family. I bought 3 x beauty wipes, a body scrub and the nighty night room spray. I've only tried the room spray for now and it smells absolutely divine! I can't wait to test out the rest of these beauties.

Have you tried any Milk & Co. products?

This post was not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. My reviews are my 100% honest oppinions . They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further information on my disclosure and disclaimer policies please access the 'Terms and Conditions' tab on top. For enquiries please contact Sunshine via email: littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com