27 February 2013

Lust Have It! February 2013

Lust have it! February 2013
Hello lovelies here is what I got for this month's Lust have it! box.

Summer Tan by Mancine - 250ml RRP $29.95
Tanning lotion for a glowing tan. I already have tanned skin so I don't see the need for this. I'll most likely give this to a friend.

Styli-Style L3 Timeless Lipstick - Full size $19.95
This lipstick claims to be non-drying, long lasting and offers whole day shine and moisture. I received  shade 'Dreams 1515'. This shade is like an orangey-red brick colour.

The Natural Source Camouflage Colour Nail Lacquers - 12ml RRP $9.95
These polishes are made in Australia and derived from sand and horsetail plant. The shade I received was a pretty lilac shade.

Lon Vitalite C9 Moisturising Hand Mask - 1 pair RRP $4.50
Cleanses and detoxifies as well as even pigmentation, ages pots and blemishes on hands.

All the products received this month was full sized and well worth the $14.95. I was happy to receive nail polish and lipstick. It'd be great if we could get customised products to suit our skin tones but overall I was pleased with what I got. Well done to the Lust have it! team I've enjoyed the past three (3) boxes I received. If you're subscribed please let me know what you thought of this month's box in the comments section below or on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/LittleMissSCB

Take Care,
LittleMissSCB xo

22 February 2013

Nominated a Liebster Award!

Liebster Award

My gorgeous cousin Kareen, who's the editor of Ziba. nominated me for a Liebster award. Her blog is full of skin care and wellness tips. You really must check out her blog, not because I'm biased but because it is truly an informative and entertaining read. Oh I forgot to mention she blogs from Paris: The home of all things fabulous...

So what is a Liebster award? After a quick google search I found out that Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Liebster awards are given by bloggers to up and coming blogs.

So here are the Liebster Award Rules:
1) Post 11 things about yourself.
2) Answer the questions that the tagger/nominator has posted for you.
3) Create 11 questions and choose (nominate) 11 up and coming blogs and link them in the post.
4) Go to their page and tell them.

11 Things About Me.

  1.  I'm an only child. But far from the only child stereotype I'm very good at sharing :)
  2.  I can hold a tune. I love singing and have recorded a demo cd. For now I've put my musical ventures on hold but I will resume it.
  3. I have a car but can't drive. Well not legally, yet. I'm of age but I'm still on my learners. A little sad considering I was bought a car to encourage me to actually start driving. My car boot however is a wonderful storage area.
  4. I want to learn how to sew and alter clothing. I can hem my pants but I'd love to learn how to take clothes in and sew a dress.
  5. I want to own my own nail salon one day. My mother ran a small salon back in Manila and I loved interacting with everyone that came in. 
  6. I'm terribly shy. I'm often perceived as a snob because I feel uncomfortable striking up conversations with people.
  7. My motto for organisation is "Everything has a home". I'm OCD about putting things back where they belong. Everything in my room has a place.
  8. My dream destinations are London and Paris. My bestfriend plans on moving to London so I will definitely have to go to Europe to visit him.
  9. I love harry potter. In fact I've named our cars after HP characters: Serious Black, Hedwig and Professor Mcgonagall...I'm a dork I know.
  10. I love watching English period drama, there's a youtube channel by mseliflora that has a wonderful selection of them.
  11. I find the busy city inspiring. If I'm feeling down, a stroll through the Myer cosmetic counters cheer me up. If I need peace I go to St Marys Cathedral. For writing & song writing inspiration I sit by the fountain in Hyde Park - All within Sydney CBD.

Questions from Kareen:

  1. How long have you been blogging?
    My first blog post was on the 14th of September 2012: http://www.littlemissscb.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/no-sleep-make-up-how-to-fake-good.html. I had an MSN blog back in the day and a myspace back in '05.
  2. What made you start blogging in the first place?
    I wanted a creative outlet for my interest in beauty and somewhere to write about anything that I fancied.
  3. What three traits do you admire most in people?Loyalty, Kindness and Perseverance.
  4. What is your number 1 priority when purchasing beauty products? Is it the brand name, effectiveness, price, naturalness, or is it something else… ?I'm a sucker for packaging and branding. A little shallow, but it's what attracts me to a product. Having said that, I have discovered plain and lesser known beauty products that I use almost on a daily.
  5. Where is your favorite place that you have traveled?
    I'm not well travelled but my favourite place travelled is Melbourne, Australia. It has colder climate (I love the cold) and Philip Island (I love penguins).
  6. What would your perfect breakfast be like?
    Heavy and hearty. Bacon, Sausages, Eggs, Mushroom, Herbed Tomatoes and Toast.
  7. Have you ever experienced love at first sight?
    Like most girls in highschool I thought It was, but hey after 6 years we're still together so it might just be true.
  8. What was the last book that you read? Write one sentence that summarizes the entire book for you.
    Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead. Annoyingly engaging and made me feel like a giddy school girl.
  9. Cat or dog? You only get one!
    Dog. Even though cats seem to really like me and I was almost attacked by our neighbour's German Sheppard. I one day hope to have a Pug.
  10. What do you see yourself doing five years from now?
     I'll be 30 by then, so hopefully I'm a doctor who owns a nail salon...
  11. What is the last thing that made you LAUGH SO MUCH UNTIL YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO DIE?Ross Noble is hilarious! Watch his videos on Youtube.


My questions (To be answered by the bloggers that I nominate/tag).

  1.  Three (3) words that best describe your personality.
  2.  What's your one must have beauty product?
  3.  All time favourite food.
  4.  Song that you always re-play.
  5.  When and why did you get into blogging?
  6.  Lipstick or lunch? If you could only buy one which would you choose?
  7.  Gold or silver?
  8.  Favourite place to shop.
  9.  Favourite movie and why?
  10.  Current nail polish shade.
  11. A motto, quote, affirmation etc. that you live by

The Bloggers that I nominate/tag are:

Well I hope that you've enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. A huge thankyou to my cousin Kareen for nominating me. Please do check out her blog at: http://www.ziba-blog.com/ as well as the blogs that I have nominated above.

For the bloggers that I've nominated I hope you will do this tag as well and let me know when you're done as I'd love to read your responses. Of course this isn't just open for those I've nominated. If you want to answer the questions etc. please link me to your blog. I'd love to read your responses too! :-)

Until next time,
Take care.
LittleMissSCB xo

Lust Have It: January 2013 Box

Hello friends. I hope you've all had a lovely week. Today's post is the contents of my January 2013 box from Lust have it! (click here for more details). I know we're half way through February already but I wanted to post my December '12 box first. So anyway, here is what I received in the January '13 box.

The items were gorgeously packaged in a pink collectable LHI! box. This month there were 5 things included (Technically 6 with a shampoo and conditioner from GKMBJ).
Lust have it! January 2013
  1. Lust have it! Kabuki Brush Full Size $19.95.The bristles on this brush are so soft. For a flawless base, I use the brush to buff in my liquid foundation.
  2.  GKMBJ Lactic Hydrating Shampoo & Fortifying Honey Crème. 280ml RRP $19.95.
    A new haircare range developed by qualified hairdressers. I haven't used it yet but I will do a review when I try it out.
  3. Face of Australia Bronzing Loose Powder. 20g RRP $12.95.I've used this on top of my blush to add luminosity and radiance. Apply sparingly using a circular motion and shake off excess from your brush.
  4. Amuse Nail Lacquer. 18ml RRP $13.95.I love the bottle. It's got little diamantes on the brush handle. I received the shade "Sunshine Yellow" which I love because I love collecting things with my name on it :-)

  5. Nude by Nature BB 5 in 1 Miracle Cream. 50ml RRP $19.95I received a 'light' shade - which doesn't suit my tone. My face is a lot darker than my body so I often wear a lighter foundation to get an even match, but this shade is too milky for me. For now I'm using it as a brow and cheek highlighter.

Overall I was so  happy with this month's items. 4 Full sized products. The BB cream alone covers the $14.95 cost price. I have been impressed with the LHI! box contents that I can't help but recommend it to everyone I know. So glad that they are sending out new brands and more cosmetics. Can not complain. Loved this month's box.

Do you subscribe to Lust have it! and if so what did you think of this month's box?
Until next time,
LittleMissSCB xo

12 February 2013

CELEBRITY BEAUTY TIPS: 8 Beauty secrets from the Kardashian Sisters

It's no secret that I am a major fan of the Kardashian sisters. Love 'em or hate 'em there's no denying that these women know what they're talking about when it comes to beauty. Here is a compilation of beauty tips from these lovely ladies.

  1. To keep her skin looking gorgeous, Kim adds sugar to her body wash "for a gentle exfoliating experience."
  2. For luxurious lush lashes (hello alliteration!) Kim recommends layering mascara to give it lift and volume "The key to making your own lashes look super long is to apply different mascaras and take your time. My favourites are Lancome Hypnose and  Mac Zoom".
  3. Prevention is key. Kourtney swears on using eye cream to deter signs of aging. "Kim and I started using eye cream in the seventh grade. Chanel Sublimage La Crème is very soothing".
  4. How does Kim achieve her flawless face? - by following a simple routine. "I just use such a simple skin regimen. Like, it's just literally cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. But I do use lots of moisturizer at night-- I think that’s the key. And I always use a makeup wipe to wipe off all my makeup. Then I use a hot washcloth and I use that because it kind of exfoliates my skin. And it just gets all the makeup off...and then I put on SO much moisturizer".
  5. Want Khloe's effortless beauty? Stick to Mascara. "I just like to put mascara on and I'm done".
  6. To get the sexy glow that the sisters always have use NARS blush in Orgasm.
  7. To keep them smelling as sweet as a baby, Kourtney reveals that the sisters use baby lotion. "Kim, Khloe and I love Johnson & Johnson baby body lotion".
  8. Think twice before you go under knife and follow Khloe's lead by contouring features to define and sculpt. “Contouring is a great way to play around with your appearance without doing anything drastic or permanent.” Khloe likes to use Smashbox's Step-by-step contour kit.

Shape.com - Cosmopolitan.com - Xojane.com - Beautyinterviews.com - Celebritybeautybuzz.com

      11 February 2013

      My favourite red carpet outfits from the 55th Annual Grammys Awards

       Rihanna looking radiant in a red Azzedine Alai gown. 
      I'm no fan of Taylor Swift but even I can't deny how lovely and elegant she looks in this J.Mendel gown.
      Only Kimbra could rock such a fantastic frock from Perth Designer Jaime Lee Major.
      Pictures Sourced from: www.grammys.com

      9 February 2013

      Lust Have It! December 2012

      Hello friends. Today's post is my LHI box from way back in December '12. I would like to thank Lust Have It for re-sending me my December box! Thank you guys so much! I was away on holidays and unfortunately my box never came. I messaged the LHI team and I was promptly sent a replacement. They were so professional and understanding. Absolutely staying subscribed after such a great service and after being so overjoyed with the January box (Which I will be posting up soon) :-)

      So here is what was in the December 2012 Lust have it! box.
      As usual a card was included in the box with a note from Nicci and the LHI team & a list of what's included in the box.
      Lust have it! December 2012
      1. Lanopearl Dr.Dermax Ultra Lift Cream, 10ml RRP $39.60 for 50ml - This cream claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with it's active ingredient Argireline.

      I haven't tried this yet. At 24 years old I don't have any major signs of aging yet (thank goodness!) only light  'smile' lines near my mouth. I'm all for prevention so I'm going to give this a go. It smells pleasant and clinical. A plus is that it's also made in Australia.
      2. Glasshouse Fragrances Hand Crème, 2 x 5ml Sachets RRP $24.95 for 140ml - Nourishing hand crèmes. I received the scents: Marseille & Kakadu. I haven't opened these yet but I love Glasshouse Fragrances so I know these will smell delicious!

      3. Catwalk by Tigi. Sessions Series Dry Shampoo, 96ml RRP 250ml for $29.95 - Dry Shampoo. I haven't used this yet but I'm excited to and compare it with my HG Bastiste Dry Shampoo. It has a musky vanilla scent.

      4. Daisy Marc Jacobs, 1.2ml So happy to have received this because I already use this perfume on a daily basis so it's great to have a handy purse size.
      5. Lust have it! Exfoliating glove RRP $9.50 I really like this glove. It's easy to use and leaves the skin so supple and smooth.
      6. Ocean Essence Lip Patch RRP $24.95 for 5 pack - Infused with semi precious stones, sea minerals and exotic fruits that plump and hydrate the skin. These are so cute! The patches are jelly-like and putting them on a luxurious novelty. After 10 minutes my lips were truly hydrated.
      7. Everyday Minerals Face Finishing Dust Full Size RRP $7-$13. A Texan mineral makeup brand that is eco friendly. I haven't tried this yet but I will soon.
      There was also a candy cane and 10% discount card for Everyday Minerals. I've been wanting more cosmetics and new brands to trial. I was so happy about this LHI box and so impressed by the professionalism from the company. I'm also posting up the January Lusthaveit! box later this week (which btw I absolutely loved). To find out more about Lust have it! visit www.lusthaveit.com.au
      This blog post was not sponsored. Please read full disclaimer here.

      NOTD French Manicure Sally Hansen

      Hello lovelies, here is my 'Nail Of The Day' using Sally Hansen French Manicure.

      7 February 2013

      Forever 21 in Manila, Philippines

      Since I've been on Youtube I've watched a lot of fashion hauls from my favourite beauty and fashion icons. One place that gets a frequent mention is a store called Forever 21. We don't have a Forever 21 in Sydney, we have a store called Forever New (not sure if that's our version of it), so when I was in Manila on my latest vacay I was excited to step into the store and see what they had. I only bought a pair of tights though (lol, I wanted something useful) as we were in a rush. Everything in the store was so pretty, I'll definitely be doing a longer shop the next time I'm back in Manila. Here are some sneaky snaps I took as photo taking in stores is frowned upon.
      Forever 21 - SM Mall of Asia Manila


      I love the stores décor.
      This blog post was not sponsored and all products mentioned were purchased with my own money. Please read full disclaimer here.

      1 February 2013

      Thankyou & Welcome 2013 + I'm back!

      Sipping on a fruit smoothie and laying on Boracay Beach underneath coconut trees = Pure Bliss
      Hello friends and welcome back to 2013. I know we're already 1 month in to the new year but I feel like it's still 2012. My apologies for being MIA and away for so long. I went away on a much needed holiday and things got a little hectic there so I wasn't able to blog as I had planned to. I've had blogging on my mind the whole time though so I have some blog posts lined up for you guys.

      While I was away my skin was acting up. It peeled so much that I was too scared to wear or buy make-up. I brought about 2 kilos of make-up and beauty products. It's excessive, I know - I didn't even  get to use all of it. I had plans on using it all and doing a FOTD series while I was away but it didn't work out. Having skin problems did have it's silver lining. I discovered what were really travel essentials and what I could have left behind. I'll be sharing travel and beauty tips in my upcoming posts.

      I can't wait to get back into writing more posts for you guys & catch up on reading my favourite blog pages also. I feel like I've missed out on a lot of things by being away for a month! A huge THANKYOU to everyone who takes time to read my blog. I really appreciate all the feedback and love reading emails and comments from you guys. Please don't hesitate to contact me to ask questions or request future blog posts.

      Please email me at littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com

      Connect with me through Facebook: www.facebook.com/LittleMissScb and Twitter: LittleMissSCB.
      I'm also on Instagram: LittleMissSCB

      Until next time,
      Take Care.

      LittleMissSCB xo