10 July 2013

Review: Her Fashion Box June 2013

Hello lovelies. I'm currently in Auckland New Zealand. If you haven't already, follow me on Twitter and Instagram for instant updates.

Before I left Sydney I took some pictures of things I wanted to blog about while I was away. A day or so before my flight I collected my June 2013 Her Fashion Box from the post office. As I mentioned last time, the bright pink box is really something. The fun and fresh use of colour really adds excitement to what's inside the box.

This month they advertised a much better box and considering that I was not too impressed with the contents of the May box, I honestly was not expecting much, so I was surprised and delighted to be wrong when I opened the June box and LOVED it!. Without further ado here are the lovely contents:

(Top) The brightly coloured postal box
(Bottom) The sleek and sturdy packaging box
Her Fashion Box: June 2013

Her Fashion Magazine: June 2013 Issue.
Note from the HFB team, featured blogger and product info.

A Thank You card and gift for filling out a survey for HFB.
When I opened the box, the HFB team included a free gift for completing one of their surveys. I thought this was a really nice and personalized touch. It's also a great incentive for customers to fill out surveys.

1. A retro style Hallmark card. 

2. Dr. Lewinns Skin Perfect & Sensitive Cleansing Milk (Both Travel Size)
I haven't tried anything from the Dr. Lewinns skin care range so I'm looking forward to trialing these.

3. Tan coloured pencil belt with gold accents. $34.95

4. Cobalt Blue wrap bracelet with gold accents. $24.95

5. Grey Base Scarf with Red Buckled Belt Print. $24.95
My favourite out of everything in this month's box.
I am already wearing it and it is perfect for Auckland fickle weather.

6. Redkin Control Addict 28 70ml $9.95
A backstage favourite at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Shows. 

7. Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes. $5.95
I love remover wipes as they're so easy and mess free. They're also great for travelling.

So there you have it - The contents of the HFB June 2013. Again I was really impressed with this month's box. I kind of wish I hadn't un-subscribed. This is definitely not going to be the last time HFB is mentioned on this blog. As the monthly fee is a little high (specially for a uni student) I might re-subscribe the month before my birthday as a special treat to myself.

What did you guys think of this month's box? Are you currently subscribed to HFB or use any of the products here? Please let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Take Care of Yourself,
Sunshine xo


  1. I looove Her Fashion Box.
    I heard the September box will be the best one yet!

    Roses are blue.

    1. I really loved the June box. I want to re-subscribe a month before my birthday because it's a little pricey. Are you currently subscribed? I'd love to see what's in the September box :)


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