31 October 2013

Lust Have It October 2013 Photos & Reviews

I finally received this month's Lust Have It! package, it was a little later than usual but I'm glad I got it within the month. I've been having a sneaky peak around the beauty blogging circuit at this month's contents so it wasn't a complete surprise to me and it seems that everyone pretty much got the same thing. This month contained 6 products with 2 of them being full sized.  The contents came in the new packaging which I'm loving - the new graphics is fun and edgy. I love the reusable LHI box too! There was also two coupon codes included for The Iconic and Le Tan - I would love to share the voucher code with you guys but the codes can only be redeemed once ☹ Now on to what you came here for, this month's box contents:
Lust Have It! October 2013

  1. KLORANE Shampoo with Nettle $25.00 (110ml) 
    Deep cleansing shampoo formulated to cleanse oily hair. I received a 25ml sample that I haven't tried yet, but it's oil cleansing claim has me intrigued. When I finally try it out I'll post a quick review on my Instagram.
  2. PAULA'S CHOI CE Moisturizer $29.95 (60ml)
    It seems like I've received another anti ageing cream. The universe is actively supporting my fight against wrinkles haha! The product description is that this cream is a light weight antioxidant cream that can be used after washing and toning, it can also be applied around the neck and eye area. The cream is also said to be ideal for babies, not as an anti ageing treatment (obviously) but because it's 98% natural it's safe enough for baby skin too.
  3. LE TAN Wash Off Body Bronzer Spray Bronze $14.99 (100ml)
    I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't receive a bronzer in my subscription because I don't have a need for it but I'll keep it for a blog giveaway in Summer 
  4. INIKA Lip Whip Berry $25 (8ml)
    A vegan, hallal & cruelty free lip whip that creates luscious polished lips. Berry is like a coral/pink shade. The product is packaged in a clear tube with a slanted tip and has a citrus-y scent. Unfortunately the product did not work out well for me. After trying a little of the product on my lips I felt them itch and tingle a little bit. Even though my lips were moisturised and exfoliated, this left my lips dry and the product clumped. I sooo badly wanted this product to be amazing because it has so many good things going for it, sadly it wasn't.
  5. FEMME FATALE Frozen Flame $3.10 (10ml)
    Described as a duochrome (changes colour depending on lighting) highly pigmented mineral based makeup. Frozen Flame is shade that's too light for medium to dark skin tones. It's more appropriate to be used as a highlighter. The colour pigmentation wasn't intense, but it could be because of the shade. It blends well and leaves a light sheen.
  6. PAULAS CHOICE Oil Blotting Papers $10.55 (100 Sheets)
    I'm not sure how many is included in the pack given, they're super thin so there could well be 100 sheets here. These blotting papers are great for keeping excess shine at bay. The sheets are coloured gold (one of my favourite colours) and are not powdered which is great for those with darker skin tones. At the moment I use a powder to keep my face matted because I don't want to use up my Chanel blotting papers (they're too pretty and too expensive to replace ). Sometimes I use my Body Shop blotting papers, but because they're powdered it can be a hit and miss with them. This quickly absorbed excess oils without fuss and did not transfer my makeup off. There's an odd satisfaction I get from absorbing excess oils away from my face, does anybody else experience this? 
I have to admit that I wasn't too impressed with the contents this month. I feel like compared to the past month's contents and compared to my other subscriptions, this box was a let down. On a positive note, there are a couple of things I would love to try here and they're from brands I don't know much about. Subscription boxes can be a hit and miss but because the past couple of months contents have been impressive, I have high hopes that the LHI team will wow me again next month. If you're interested in trying out the box for yourself head on over to the Lust Have It! website here. The boxes are $19.95 per month which includes delivery.

What did you think of this month's Lust Have It! box?
This post was not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. My reviews are my 100% honest opinions. They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further information on my disclosure and disclaimer policies please access the 'Terms and Conditions' tab on top. For enquiries please contact Sunshine via email: littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com 

Halloween Nail Art

Happy Halloween lovelies ❣ Here's my easy peasy nail art design. I used a dotting tool and some nail art brushes to create this look. The polishes I used are: OPI Uh Oh Roll Down The Window, OPI Vodka & Caviar, Revlon Black Lingerie 919 and Ulta3 Lily White. 

Halloween Nail Art: Spider & Web (Thumb) | Frankenstein (Digitus Secundus aka Index or Pointer - I just wanted to sound all fancy lol) and Ring Finger |  Blood Drip (Middle and Pinky Fingers)

This post was not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. My reviews are my 100% honest opinions. They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further information on my disclosure and disclaimer policies please access the 'Terms and Conditions' tab on top. For enquiries please contact Sunshine via email: littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com

Violet Box October 2013 Photos And Review

My very first Violet box finally arrived in the mail and boy was I pleasant surprised. I'm currently subscribed to three different beauty boxes, I just love receiving surprise packages! Violet Box has been around for a while but I thought I'd finally give it a go and I was so glad that I did because there are so many goodies in this month's box. I've noticed that towards the end of the year, subscription boxes include a lot of better things. 

Violet Box October 2013 Packaging
Violet Box October 2013 Card
It was packaged in a white outer box and the contents were in a black collectible box with a purple ribbon. I really love that the packaging for this box is reusable, not only is it handy but it makes me feel like I'm getting value for my money haha.
Violet Box October 2013 Contents
There were 5 contents in this month's box and 4 of which are full sized products - score! Without further ado here are the goodies that I got...
  1. BE A BOMBSHELL  Money Money RRP $18.00
    "A high pigmented long lasting formula for all day wear. The shadows can be used as an eyeliner if applied with a wet brush tip. The colour Money Money reminds me of green american dollar bills, which is probably where the name came from. Money Money also looks like a khaki army green with a slight gold glimmer. It's highly pigmented that after 1 swatch the colour was deep and opaque.
  2. SAVOIR FAIRE Lipgloss Rapture Peppermint RRP $25.00 

    I've always wanted to try something from this cosmetic line when I found out Jessica Campbell was the face of the brand. If you remember from my Versatile Blogger Award Tag I dressed the gorgeous Miss Campbell in a couple of fashion shows. Savoir Faire is a French word meaning "the ability to act or speak appropriately in social situations" and this brand absolutely encapsulates that. Granted, this is the only product I have in the line the packaging and the brand promotion are both classy and elegant. 

    Rapture Peppermint is a true red shade with a highly glossy and opaque finish. It's peppermint scented, which I'm not crazy about but it's not a deal breaker. The packaging is in an acrlyic tube with a doe-foot applicator. The brand logo is quite elegant too, if your initials are SF these would be perfect for you hehe
  3. JOHN PLUNKETT Super Wrinkle Cream RRP $28.95/50g
    An intensive night cream enriched with Vitamins C and E that helps to reduce fine lines. I received a 20mL sample which I will happily try when I finish all the other wrinkle creams I have lined up. As you know I like to try anything that will reverse or prevent the signs of ageing 
  4. APVITA Face Masks RRP $7.90/2 Dose Sachet
    These face masks from Greece are paraben & propylene glycol free. I received 2 Orange face masks which encourage radiance.
  5. OXYPLEX Pressed Powder RRP $70.00
    A multi purpose anti-ageing mineral face powder which can be used as a full coverage foundation or a bronzer. I received the colour Amber which is a perfect bronzing shade for me. I'm so excited to try this powder! It looks like a great shade + it's anti ageing (woot!) 
All in all I am SUPER pleased with this month's contents especially receiving 4, actually 5 because I got 2 face masks. My favourites was the Savoir Faire lipgloss and the Oxyplex Pressed Powder. You can subscribe for your own Violet Box here. It costs $22.95 each month including postage.

What do you think of this month's contents?

This post was not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. My reviews are my 100% honest opinions. They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further information on my disclosure and disclaimer policies please access the 'Terms and Conditions' tab on top. For enquiries please contact Sunshine via email: littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com 

29 October 2013

LittleMissSCB is on iFabbo's favourite of the week!!!

I'm very happy to announce that my little blog was included in this week's iFabbo favourites of the week! I was super duper grateful and very excited when I found out that LittleMissSCB.com had a spot this week in the sought after spot of: favourites of the week on the iFabbo site. Check out the other lovely blogs & bloggers featured this week here.

At the risk of sounding like I'm giving an academy acceptance speech (lol), I'd like to take this moment to thank the iFabbo team for choosing my blog this week and also to all of you, my fantabulous readers for being so loyal to my blog. I truly appreciate it. Today my blog has reached 14,718 views. To some this may not be a lot, but this has truly humbled me because I really didn't expect anyone to be interested in reading my ramblings.

As you may know next month is my birthday, so to celebrate I will be hosting a few giveaways on here. It's just my little way of showing you all how much I appreciate you for taking the time to visit me here on LittleMissSCB.

Thanks again,

26 October 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award ❤ I've been nominated

Versatile Blogger Award Certificate

Hello friends ❣ I was nominated by the lovely Natalie | yourstrulyny  for the versatile blogger award.

The 411

♥ Display the award certificate on your blog.

♥ Announce your win & thank the blogger who nominated you.

♥ Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award & link the nominees in this post.

♥ Let them know of their nomination with a comment.

♥ Post 7 interesting facts about yourself.

7 Interesting Facts About Me
1). I love to sing. I put my musical ventures on hold to pursue my bachelors degree, but I just can't stay away from one of my true passions. I'm actually back to rehearsals and saving up to record some demos.

2). I can play the drums and I've dabbled with the piano but I find learning the guitar difficult 

3). I'm starting to lie about my age LOL. I'm turning 25 in November but I'm in a bit of a denial so as far as I'm concerned, this year I'm turning 18 LOL

4). I dressed Jessica Campbell for a couple of fashion shows before she represented Australia as Miss Universe. She was very lovely and friendly.

5). Fran Drescher is one of my favourite celebrities. She was "The Nanny" on the hit tv show from the 90s. Even though people found her annoying, I absolutely adored her and wanted to be just like her when I grew up.    

6). My first job ever was straight after high school. I worked for a law firm in the city. I watched legally blonde on repeat and at the time wanted to pursue something in law or business. I worked as the office assistant/mail girl. I enjoyed it because it involved a lot of filing and organising (my slight ocd came to good use).

7). I used to work as a room attendant for a popular hotel in the city . I actually applied for the job after watching Maid in Manhattan starring J.Lo. Of course it was nothing like the movie but it was at times quite a humbling experience. I saw both the generous and the ugly side of people (but that's another story). Haha so there you have it. It seems that I tend to apply for jobs after watching movies - Uh oh I'm watching a lot of Pretty Woman...LOL

Now this is the part where I'm supposed to tag people and link this post to their blog. However I won't because (a) Most of the bloggers I'd link have already been nominated (b) although I don't mind fellow bloggers posting links with their comments, I have in the past been blocked from some blogs for posting an innocent  "I've nominated you..." link. So instead I'd like to take this opportunity to invite anyone who's interested, to tag themselves and post a link of their blog in the comments section below ☺

I will however direct you to my cousin's blog: Ziba: Beauty & Simplicity. Do check her out, she lives in the US and is just a lovely person (No bias). I also know she won't block me if I post a link in the comment section of her blog haha!

A huge thank you again to the gorgeous Natalie aka @yourstrulyny. Please check out her blog here & leave me a link of your versatile blogger post if you would like to do this post too because I nominate all of you lovelies xxx.

24 October 2013

My new business cards | 1250 Cards for free!!!

If you follow me on Twitter & Instagram, You'll know that I've recently updated my blogging "business cards (They're actually just contact cards, but business cards sounds pro lol). My old card design looked like this:
After some feedback and a change in personal taste, I decided to change the look of my cards so that it reflect edmy blog and of course my personal style. I ordered my cards from VistaPrint. When I first decided to change the layout, I discovered that adding my own images would be costly so I stuck to just adding my own header. It's predominantly just text. Here is what my card ended up looking like. I ordered 250 of these cards and paid just under $12.00.

I found the plain-text design was a little boring so I was elated when I received an email offer from VistaPrint for free image uploads & free shipping. I quickly logged on and went to town with adding images for my card (A girl's gotta take advantage when the opportunity presents itself) - I even added a shnazzy option to add a barcode that when scanned directs you to my blog's webpage (technology these days!). 

After designing my cards I also remembered that I had a $30.00 voucher, so after adding the voucher code along with the VistaPrint offer I was able to get 1000 full coloured cards for FREE. That's right Free. There are so very few things in life these days that are given out for nothing, so I was skeptical that I'd even receive this order. 

I had another $20.00 voucher  (I couldn't use both voucher codes in the same transaction) so I decided to try my luck and I ordered another 250 cards with a glossy finish and coloured back. 

I ended up ordering 1250 full coloured cards for free, I didn't think I would actually receive them but I was still hopeful. When they finally arrived I excitedly collected them from my local post office and when I opened the box I was so impressed by the card quality and how well the images printed. The photos I took of the cards don't do them any justice.

So there you have it - my exciting story (at least I think it's exciting hehe) about my free business cards. Do you have business cards for your blog? How do you hand people your card? I'm a little shy so I would love some tips please x

This was not a sponsored post. 
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23 October 2013

Kardashian Beauty Enjoystick Review, Photos & Swatches

Kardashian Beauty available from Kit Cosmetics, Myer Sydney
What I love about being part of the beauty community is the word-of-mouth announcements. I like to follow my favourite bloggers and youtubers on Twitter because it's often where I'll see someone mention a product and then I go out and buy it. I often (lovingly) call them my enablers  One such incident is when the blogging world was in a frenzy about the Kardashian Beauty Launch in Australia. I must have been hiding under a rock because I didn't even know this was happening?! The day after I found out about the launch I made a bee-line for the Kit Cosmetics counter at Myer to check out the Kardashian Beauty range.

I'm a huge fan of the Kardashian girls. While I may not agree with all of their antics their makeup style is undeniably close to perfection and as such one would expect their cosmetic range to deliver the same results. I was in a bit of a rush, so I quickly swatched the En-joystick lip lacquers and decided on two colours Rose Parade 313 & Shocking Pink 317.

Upon swatching, I could tell that I would love these! They were creamy, very well pigmented and had a subtle yet sweet scent.

"Super Intense long lasting lip colour goes on like a cream and lasts through all 
the fun and games. Gain complete power over your lip colour with a flick of 

For me these babies are a 3 in 1 - A liner, a lipstick and a gloss! Since buying these, they have been in my handbag and are most likely going to stay in there for a long time. These are definitely purse friendly. Their slim packaging means you can keep a couple of colours (in case you want to change during the day) in your bag without weighing you down or taking too much space.

These lippies contain no parabens. For a full list of all the other nasties it doesn't contain click

There are 8 shades in the range and they retail for AUD$15.95. They're available through Kit Cosmetics and I purchased mine from the Sydney City Myer store. I'm going to go back soon to get more colours and also to stock up because I love the shades that I already have (insert shades) and when I love something, I usually buy a double in case I lose it or they decide to discontinue it.

Have you tried the En-joysticks or any other products from the Kardashian beauty line?

P.S. The Kit Cosmetic store sales assistants at the Sydney Myer store are just lovely and helpful. They even let me take a photo in store. x

This is not a sponsored post. The products mentioned were purchased with my own money. 
My reviews contain my 100% honest opinions and are not influenced by other parties. They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further enquiries please contact Sunshine at littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com

21 October 2013

Bellabox October 2013 Review & Photos

I recently subscribed to Bellabox (a monthly beauty box subscription service). Bellabox has been available in Australia for quite sometime and this month they celebrated their 2nd anniversary and partnered with the stylish duo from TheyAllHateUs. I was really excited to see what would be included in their beauty box. The box is a pretty turquoise shade (one of my favourite colours), unfortunately during transit my box had been squished. The contents were protected in a bubble-wrapped bag but as I opened it, something had spilled and was all over everything inside. I found out that the culprit was a LonVitalite face mask. Nothing was damaged per-say (just messy) and the mask was still usable.

So here's what was inside the October 2013 Bellabox

LonVitalite 24K Gold RRP $29.00 for a box of 5

First up the mess-maker culprit (hehe). Because it was presumably popped during transit, I decided to treat myself that evening with a mini DIY facial.
"Lonvitalite 24K face masks provide immediate intense cooling and soothing relief.
They are highly moisturising and nourishing; smoothing out wrinkles, and hydrating the skin. The extremely active ingredients promote micro circulation in the face as well as skin regeneration. Removes lines and supplies water and nutrients for the skin cells leaving the skin more evenly pigmented and soft. Can relieve symptoms of allergies such as puffy eyes, inflammation and irritation."
So how did it fair? Well after just using it once (Review coming soon) I can say that my skin was left feeling wonderfully moisturised and my pores were visibly smaller. All in all it was a pleasure to use.

Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Diamond Shampoo & Diamond Mask-Luxe
250ml RRP $25.00 & 200ml RRP $29.00 [I recieved a 60ml & 50ml respectively]
Shine bright like a diamond with this duo...boosts shine and intensity. Restore hair to it's original soft and strong glory!
I haven't tried this yet but the claims seem promising. I haven't been too kind to my hair over the years and the mask sounds pretty good. The scent of the product does however remind me of AVON deodorants.

Beyonce Heat Eau De Parfum 100ml RRP $39.00 [Received a fragrance 2.0ml sample]

Apart from J.Lo's Glow & Britney's Curious, I'm not a fan of celebrity perfumes. They tend to smell cheap IMO. When I smell them I can't picture the celebrity endorsing their product actually wearing the scent. However I can imagine Beyonce wearing this. It smells feminine but not fruity. It's definitely a more mature scent. One word to describe it is confident. It's not an over baring scent, but I personally wouldn't pick it. Still, I love keeping mini perfume sample bottles in my purse just in case I sweat too much during the day and need a spritz of fragrance.

La Roche-Posay 30ml RRP $28.95 [Sample size: 3ml]
I've not had much luck with BB Creams. There's a huge hype around them, but I haven't found one that I loved. I've been introduced to the La Roche Posay brand through LustHaveIt! so I'm fairly confident that this won't give me a reaction when I use it. The shade I recieved is '2' and it seems like it'd be a good colour match for me. I haven't tried it but when I do, I'll review how it goes.

Nivea Daily Essentials Moisturising Day Cream SPF 15  RRP $12.99 for 50ml [Sample Size:7ml] 

I read a blog article sometime ago about a woman who tried Nivea on one side of her face and La Mer (I think, but it was a luxury brand face moisturiser) on another side. Surprisingly the Nivea cream yielded better results and actually diminished the look of wrinkles. Having read that, I have high hopes for this face cream. As I'm nearing my mid 20s I welcome anything to protect my face and ward off the dreaded wrinkles :)

 NUXE Creme Prodigieuse Nuit & Enrichie RRP$49.95 (50ml)  & $44.95 (40g) respectively. 

This was a bonus and I received a 2ml sample of the products.

Sinful Colors Nail Enamel RRP $4.95 [Received a full size bottle]
A nice purple shade nail polish. Probably not appropriate for the summer season coming up, but this will definitely get some wear next Winter and I can see myself using this colour for some nail art.

And that concludes the October 2013 Bellabox contents review. Overall I was happy with the things in this box and I will continue being subscribed. I am currently waiting for my Violetbox and Lust Have It! boxes for the month of October, so once I receive and review them all I'll do a comparison post of the subscription boxes.

Are you subscribed to Bellabox? What did you think of this month's contents?

This is not a sponsored post. The products mentioned were purchased with my own money. My reviews contain my 100% honest opinions and are not influenced by other parties. They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further enquiries please contact Sunshine at littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com

17 October 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Tag [Beauty Tag]

I love watching and reading everyone's responses to this beauty tag and so when I read the lovely Kayleigh's (@CoutureGirl) tag I thought it'd be fun to do one as well. So without further ado here are the questions and my answers:

  1. GREED:  What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
    My most inexpensive beauty items are my Essence lip liners. At less than $2 from Priceline these babies are an amazing bargain! My most expensive beauty product would have to be my Tom Ford eye palette in 02 Cognac Sable. I bought this from David Jones and although the price is a tad excessive, it's definitely worth it. The pigment and unique shades of this palette is unrivaled.

  2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?
    I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my YSL rouge volupte lipstick. I absolutely love everything about the YSL rouge volupte Lipsticks except that sometimes it dry's my lips out like the Sahara dessert. Some days I can wear it and it'll all be gee-double-oh-dee and then some days I swear I could just toss it in the trash (although I won't because it cost me a pretty penny to buy).

  3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?
    My Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum. It's basically a pink coloured bubblegum scented sugar scrub. I don't actually lick it off my lips like it says you can (I actually think this is gross, I mean who wants to be licking off dead skin cells?!) but after I rinse it off, it leaves a slightly sweet residue on my lips. This question is kind of odd. I'm going to guess that they mean delicious as in a beauty product's scent because who in the world tastes their makeup? But hey, to each their own....

  4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
    Primer/Eye Primer
    . I don't necessarily neglect to apply it due to laziness but I find that applying it before my makeup offers little to no difference at all in longevity. On days when I want to look perfectly done up I apply a little to my T-Zone because it does mask out my pores.

  5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
    Mascara and Bright Lipstick. I don't so much care for curl but I love long lashes. I layer it on! The longer the better in my opinion. I have thickish lips that are naturally pouty, so in photos If I leave my lips bare or apply too nude of a shade in lipstick I risk looking like I got punched on the lips. I find that a brighter or deeper colour defines them and perks up my entire face.

  6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
     I love a man who can make me laugh and is kind hearted.
    Who doesn't love funny guys? Apart from being funny he needs to be a kind and compassionate person. I need to be with someone with the same positive outlook on life as me.

    Physically: Height and Eyes
    Standing at only 158cm I'm not very tall so luckily finding a taller guy than me is no feit.
    Research suggests that the physical attributes we find attractive in the opposite sex has something to do with the traits we'd like our offspring to inherit. From this I guess it means I want taller kids - but really I just want to be around taller people so they can grab things off high shelves for me haha!

    I believe that eyes are the windows to one's soul. When you look into someone's eyes you can usually tell what kind of a person they are and their intentions. I don't always believe what come's out of peoples mouths but I don't think people can hide the truth from their eyes.

  7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
    To be perfectly honest the gifts I treasure most are heart-felt written cards. There's nothing that can put a bigger smile on my face than a meaningful dedication on a card. Call me sentimental but lovely and well written cards are my favourites! ... Also as I'm being perfectly honest, I like KFC chicken buckets in lieu of flowers! Haha. Not very feminine I know, but flowers die and well, chicken is delicious! =)

So there you have it - the 7 deadly sins tag. I would absolutely LOVE to read (or watch on youtube) your response to this tag so if you get the chance to do this, or you've already done this tag, please hit me up with a link to it on the comments section below.

15 October 2013

How to dry Kabuki brushes

After cleaning your makeup brushes it's important to allow them to dry thoroughly so you don't encourage mold and bacteria growth. To dry my makeup brushes, I set them on a flat surface (usually on top of my study table) and allow the bristles to hang over the edge to dry. Because of the thicker bristles, Kabuki brushes should be hanged upside down. To do this I put some Blu-Tack on the end of the brush handle and I hang it upside down (on a shelf) in my bookshelf. After a day the brush is properly dried and ready to use again. 

I hope this helps. If you have other ways of drying your makeup brushes please share them in the comments section below.

14 October 2013

A trip down memory lane with the Spice Girls

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today and I've spent the arvo taking a trip down memory lane. I grew up in the 90s and back then the Spice Girls were the hottest girl band in the music industry. I was definitely a fan and was lucky enough to have almost all of their merchandise in my room. I even used to wear platforms everywhere! This song used to be one of my favourites from the band.

Were you a Spice Girls fan? Who was your favourite? (Mine was Posh Spice)

13 October 2013

Quote of the Week

Hi friends,

Today I'm launching Quote of the Week on my blog. For the past few weeks I have been posting daily inspirational quotes. Unfortunately I can't commit to making daily quote images as well as my regular blog posts, but I did like the addition of inspirational and positive quotes on this blog so instead I'll do a Quote of the Week post every Sunday. I hope you enjoy your week ahead.

Sunshine xo

12 October 2013

Lancome free gift with purchase offer from Myer

Spend $75.00 in one transaction and recieve a 9 piece gift set from Lancome at Myer. (Offer until this Sunday the 13th of October). As you already know, yours truly is a major sucker for fgwp offers. I was already planning on getting a new foundation from Lancome so this offer was an extra incentive for me.

To avail the offer I bought Lancome's Teint Visionnaire - Review coming soon! - (AUD $65.00) and Lancome Contour Pro Lip Liner (AUD $45.00).

Here's what is included in the 9 piece gift set:

  • Lancome signature beauty case
    Which I will most likely give to my mother because it's a little too mature for my liking.

  • Dual ended shadow/liner brush

  • Colour Design Palette (Honeymoon, Kitten Heel, Platform, Madison Ave)
    The colours are gorgeous and universal. I'll definitely be doing an eye makeup look with this palette for summer.

  • Hypnose Star Mascara (2ml)
    I love that this is a travel size. It will definitely come handy the next time I'm on vacation.

  • DreamTone Dark Spot Corrector 2 (7ml)
    It's great that I received the corrector in my shade (2 for medium skin tones). There are 3 shades in the range, I'm not sure if you can choose what's you receive.

  • Galateis Douceur (50ml)
    A face and eyes cleanser. In the morning you can apply it and wipe it off with a tissue (no need to rinse) and at night it's an effective makeup remover. Again it's a great size for travelling.

  • Visionnaire (5ml)
    This serum claims to correct wrinkles, enlarge pores and creates skin evenness. I'm actually very excited to use this and the Teint Visionnaire foundation.

  • La Vie est Belle perfume (4ml)
    This fragrance is very feminine and sophisticated. It's a little too strong for me. At present I prefer lighter and fresher scents. Maybe this scent would be most suited for a cooler season.

  • Lancome Absolue Nuit Day and Night Cream (Both 15ml)
    Choose your own skin care duo. I chose this duo because of the replenishing and regenerating properties. I still have quite a few creams to try out so I won't open this yet. 

I think fgwp offers are great. It's always nice to receive something for free. I think that this set has some very usable items and the $75 spent is worth it for the items in the pack. The eyeshadow palette alone is worth the purchase. Lancome shadows are my absolute favourite when it comes to eye makeup.

Have you seen this around Myer? Did you avail this offer?

11 October 2013

Essential makeup brushes to have in your artist kit

Today I was transferring the brushes in my artist kit to a new brush roll and thought I'd do a quick post to show what was in my kit as well as share what I think are essential brushes to have. I use different brushes for my kit and for my personal use because I find it easier to keep two separate sets, but if you're starting out, it's perfectly ok to have just one set of brushes as long as you're cleaning and sterilizing them in between clients and after you use them.

What you include in your kit is really down to personal choice. Apart from the usual blush and shadow brushes here are some brush types that I think are essential for any kit.

These have a dual purpose: to groom the brows and also to apply mascara  If you're working on clients you want to buy some disposable mascara wands for hygienic purposes.

Angled Eyeliner Brush
I prefer to use an angled eyeliner brush to apply liquid eyeliner because I feel like I can control and maneuver the product better and I find that I can create a better "winged" shape.

Blending Eye Shadow Brush
This is essential for creating any eye look. Blending is the key for achieving a flawless look. In my personal set I actually have 5 blending brushes. I recommend having at least 2 of these brushes in any kit, especially if you like creating smokey looks.

Flat Angled Shadow Brush
These again can serve a dual purpose: To shape eyebrows and also to apply eye shadow under the lower lash line.

Angled Powder Brush
Used to contour the face. You can also use a small tapered dome brush but I prefer using an angled powder brush to contour and highlight the cheeks.

Flat Top Kabuki Brush
My favourite brush to use for applying foundation and buffing out harsh bronzer or contour powder lines.

There are so many other types of brushes that I would consider 'essentials' but I think that the brushes above are really handy to have. What's your must-have makeup brush?

Daily Inspirations #15

10 October 2013

Daily Inspirations #14

Today's image comes from: smscs.com 


Review of MAC Ruby Woo

I caved and finally bought MAC's Ruby Woo lipstick. This colour has a cult following and is a favourite among celebrities and makeup lovers. I have read so many rave reviews about this shade but I've put off buying it, because even though I love a good red lippy, I'm not too fond of matte finishes ... That was until I finally tried this. I regret not trying it earlier because the shade and formula of this lipstick is perfect.

In Sydney MAC lipsticks are available from Myer and David Jones stores and retail for AUD $36.00.
The iconic bullet packaging which contains 3g of the product is cute and sturdy. I love the signature vanilla scent of MAC lipsticks. It's a true red shade which in my opinion would suit all skin tones.
It can be applied directly from the tube or with a lip brush for a more defined shape. I think this is perfect paired with a classic black winged eyeliner and defined brows for a classic makeup look.

As this formula is matte it can be drying and is unforgiving on already dry lips. I would recommend exfoliating and applying lip balm before you put this on.

Have you tried MAC's Ruby Woo? What's your favourite red lipstick? Let me know in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter.

Until next time,
Sunshine xo

This post was not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. My reviews are my 100% honest opinions. They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further information on my disclosure and disclaimer policies please access the 'Terms and Conditions' tab on top. For enquiries please contact Sunshine via email: littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com 

8 October 2013

Daily Inspirations #12

Review of Veet EasyGrip Ready-To-Use Wax Strips

Veet EasyGrip Ready-To-Use Wax Strips
When I was asked if I wanted to trial some Veet wax products, I jumped right on board! As summer is fast approaching, I'm busy trying to get my skin summer ready and being body hair-free is a MUST. Waxing is definitely my preferred method of hair removal. I have used Veet before and have had great results (at the moment I'm using hard wax from Salon brand Lycon). I received the EasyGrip Ready-To-Use Wax Strips. 

What the box contained

The box contained 20 wax strips, 4 finishing wipes and the instructional pamphlet. Personally I prefer using hard wax because I find it easier and more suitable for my sensitive skin (also the warm wax feels nicer on the skin) but it can be a hassle to heat up the wax pot, wait for it to reach the right temperature and sometimes it's just messy.

"Free up your beauty routine and enjoy a simple solution to sexy smooth skin" 

A definite positive of the wax strips is that it's a lot less messier to use. No mechanical heating also means you can use the wax almost straight away. The EasyGrip Tabs are great because you get a better grip of the strip (rhyme!) which means you remove hair more efficiently. I have sensitive skin and no matter what waxing product I use my skin gets inflamed and dotty after I wax. Using this, I was left with the little red dots but they disappeared after a few hours. The wax does contain Vitamin E & Almond Oil which helps soothe the skin.

Everyone's pain threshold differs so I can't give a fair indication of how painful this was. There is a discomfort, but if you wax correctly (Pull the strip back quickly, don't pull up) you barely feel it. I found that the formula of the wax strips did not adhere to the skin, it only gripped the hairs which means you won't get painful skin ripping.

How To Apply
  1. After warming the wax by rubbing the strips in between your palms, slowly pull the strips apart. 
  2. Place the strip (easy grip tab at the bottom) on your skin and rub the strip in the direction of hair growth. 
  3. Holding the EasyGrip tab, pull the strip back quickly. When pulling the strip keep your skin taut.

    The box contains hair removal instructions and also a pamphlet on how to use the wax strips.
Veet EasyGrip Ready-To-Use Wax Strips | Ingredients List
I loved using this product (as much as anyone can love ripping body hairs out). It was so easy to use and including the EasyGrip tabs was genius! Would I recommend this? Yes, I would recommend this to anyone who's thinking about waxing. You don't need to be a pro (clear instructions are provided on the box, pamphlet and on the wax strips) and there is virtually no prep time with the wax strips. No heating also makes this perfect for travelling.

My Tips

  • I prefer to wax after a hot shower. The pores are opened which I find makes it easier to remove hair. Just make sure to towel dry and not apply any creams.
  • Exfoliate (Just not within 48 hours of waxing). Exfoliating not only keeps your skin silky smooth, it also keeps ingrown hairs at bay.

For further information check out the Veet website: http://www.veet.com.au/

This product was sent to me for consideration. My reviews contain my 100% honest opinions and are not influenced by other parties. They are in no way intended to offend or malign any companies or groups. Please consult a healthcare professional if you are in doubt before using any of the aforementioned products. For further enquiries please contact Sunshine at littlemissscb.inquire@hotmail.com

7 October 2013

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

"NIVEA In-shower Body Lotions are activated by water and immediately absorb into the skin. It leaves a nourishing and caring film on the skin surface without a sticky feeling."
How To Apply
Shower as usual and apply the skin conditioner while still in the shower. Rinse off and towel dry.

Aqua, Cera Microcristallina, Paraffinum Liquidum, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Stearyl Alcohol, Myristyl Alcohol, Maris Sal, Sodium Carbomer, Sodium Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylisothiazolinone, Linalool, Benzyl Alcohol, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Geraniol, Limonene, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Parfum

My Experience
A while ago I availed an offer from Nivea's Facebook page to trial the new Skin Conditioner. At first I must admit I was quite skeptical about the concept of an 'in-shower' lotion, but once again I was happy to be proven wrong. After applying and rinsing I stepped out of the shower and towel dried myself. I thought that after 10 minutes my dry skin would be begging for moisturisation - and after 8 hours my skin was still surprisingly moisturised. 

Would I buy this?
I enjoyed the sample satchets and would definitely buy the full sized product. I probably wouldn't use this every day (because I like my body care routine) but I can see this as time saving for when I'm in a rush.

Available in pharmacies and supermarkets for RRP AUD$7.99.

Have you tried the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion?