14 October 2013

A trip down memory lane with the Spice Girls

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today and I've spent the arvo taking a trip down memory lane. I grew up in the 90s and back then the Spice Girls were the hottest girl band in the music industry. I was definitely a fan and was lucky enough to have almost all of their merchandise in my room. I even used to wear platforms everywhere! This song used to be one of my favourites from the band.

Were you a Spice Girls fan? Who was your favourite? (Mine was Posh Spice)


  1. Yes! huge fan in the 90s, I liked Ginger & Baby

    1. I was devastated when Gerri left the band ☹

  2. I still have Spice World on VHS pity I don't have a VHS player heehee. My fave was Sporty!
    xxx Kat


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