3 October 2013

Essence Lip Liners Review & Swatches

What they say

"Clear contours and beautifully shaped lips. Smudge-proof and especially long-lasting lip liner". 
  • The colours are in relatively neutral shades, no over the top vibrant shades are included in the range. There are 8 shades available in Australia: Hot Chocolate, Honey Bun, Soft Berry, Satin Mauve, Cute Pink, Red Blush, In The Nude, Femme Fatale. I have swatched all the shades with the exception of Hot Chocolate because at the time I got these, It wasn't in stock. 
  •  They're available from Priceline stores and are priced at AU$1.75

How to apply
The liners can be worn on their own or under lipstick and/or gloss.

Why I love it

  • They apply smoothly and are very well pigmented. I didn't have to press very hard for the colours to be vibrant in the swatches above. 
  • The liners are smooth and creamy in texture.
  • It's comfortable to wear and does not drag on the lips.
  • It's comfortable to wear and does not drag on the lips.
  • I find that the longevity of these liners are good with the exception of the shade Femme Fatale.

What I don't like about it
  • As I mentioned earlier, Femme Fatale slides off easier and is prone to smudging. To fix this I blot with a tissue after application.

Yes. I actually keep a few liners in each shade as a "reserve". I would (and have) recommend these liners to my family and friends. For $1.75 you really can't go wrong. Essence lip liners are fabulous and super affordable. They have easily become one of my most favourite beauty products. They are comparable to lip liners from luxury brands. 

What do you think of the colour swatches? Have you tried Essence liners?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Andrea. The colours are very wearable too :)

  2. The price is such a plus for these liners. I'm definitely gonna have to check out more colours! Thanks for the swatches :)

    1. Thanks Charlene Nikky :-) These liners are pretty awesome (and so it the price tag, hehe).

  3. This product seems a must try.. where we will find them? Lots are perfect and super gorgeous....

    1. Hi Shiv, You can get them from Priceline :)


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