11 October 2013

Essential makeup brushes to have in your artist kit

Today I was transferring the brushes in my artist kit to a new brush roll and thought I'd do a quick post to show what was in my kit as well as share what I think are essential brushes to have. I use different brushes for my kit and for my personal use because I find it easier to keep two separate sets, but if you're starting out, it's perfectly ok to have just one set of brushes as long as you're cleaning and sterilizing them in between clients and after you use them.

What you include in your kit is really down to personal choice. Apart from the usual blush and shadow brushes here are some brush types that I think are essential for any kit.

These have a dual purpose: to groom the brows and also to apply mascara  If you're working on clients you want to buy some disposable mascara wands for hygienic purposes.

Angled Eyeliner Brush
I prefer to use an angled eyeliner brush to apply liquid eyeliner because I feel like I can control and maneuver the product better and I find that I can create a better "winged" shape.

Blending Eye Shadow Brush
This is essential for creating any eye look. Blending is the key for achieving a flawless look. In my personal set I actually have 5 blending brushes. I recommend having at least 2 of these brushes in any kit, especially if you like creating smokey looks.

Flat Angled Shadow Brush
These again can serve a dual purpose: To shape eyebrows and also to apply eye shadow under the lower lash line.

Angled Powder Brush
Used to contour the face. You can also use a small tapered dome brush but I prefer using an angled powder brush to contour and highlight the cheeks.

Flat Top Kabuki Brush
My favourite brush to use for applying foundation and buffing out harsh bronzer or contour powder lines.

There are so many other types of brushes that I would consider 'essentials' but I think that the brushes above are really handy to have. What's your must-have makeup brush?


  1. Wow, look at all those brushes!! I'd love to have so many brushes and play around with them. Do you have a brand that you particularly love? Or do you pick out brushes just depending on each brush's quality?

    1. Hi Kareen, I choose a brush depending on it's quality and sometimes price. =)


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