31 October 2013

Lust Have It October 2013 Photos & Reviews

I finally received this month's Lust Have It! package, it was a little later than usual but I'm glad I got it within the month. I've been having a sneaky peak around the beauty blogging circuit at this month's contents so it wasn't a complete surprise to me and it seems that everyone pretty much got the same thing. This month contained 6 products with 2 of them being full sized.  The contents came in the new packaging which I'm loving - the new graphics is fun and edgy. I love the reusable LHI box too! There was also two coupon codes included for The Iconic and Le Tan - I would love to share the voucher code with you guys but the codes can only be redeemed once ☹ Now on to what you came here for, this month's box contents:
Lust Have It! October 2013

  1. KLORANE Shampoo with Nettle $25.00 (110ml) 
    Deep cleansing shampoo formulated to cleanse oily hair. I received a 25ml sample that I haven't tried yet, but it's oil cleansing claim has me intrigued. When I finally try it out I'll post a quick review on my Instagram.
  2. PAULA'S CHOI CE Moisturizer $29.95 (60ml)
    It seems like I've received another anti ageing cream. The universe is actively supporting my fight against wrinkles haha! The product description is that this cream is a light weight antioxidant cream that can be used after washing and toning, it can also be applied around the neck and eye area. The cream is also said to be ideal for babies, not as an anti ageing treatment (obviously) but because it's 98% natural it's safe enough for baby skin too.
  3. LE TAN Wash Off Body Bronzer Spray Bronze $14.99 (100ml)
    I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't receive a bronzer in my subscription because I don't have a need for it but I'll keep it for a blog giveaway in Summer 
  4. INIKA Lip Whip Berry $25 (8ml)
    A vegan, hallal & cruelty free lip whip that creates luscious polished lips. Berry is like a coral/pink shade. The product is packaged in a clear tube with a slanted tip and has a citrus-y scent. Unfortunately the product did not work out well for me. After trying a little of the product on my lips I felt them itch and tingle a little bit. Even though my lips were moisturised and exfoliated, this left my lips dry and the product clumped. I sooo badly wanted this product to be amazing because it has so many good things going for it, sadly it wasn't.
  5. FEMME FATALE Frozen Flame $3.10 (10ml)
    Described as a duochrome (changes colour depending on lighting) highly pigmented mineral based makeup. Frozen Flame is shade that's too light for medium to dark skin tones. It's more appropriate to be used as a highlighter. The colour pigmentation wasn't intense, but it could be because of the shade. It blends well and leaves a light sheen.
  6. PAULAS CHOICE Oil Blotting Papers $10.55 (100 Sheets)
    I'm not sure how many is included in the pack given, they're super thin so there could well be 100 sheets here. These blotting papers are great for keeping excess shine at bay. The sheets are coloured gold (one of my favourite colours) and are not powdered which is great for those with darker skin tones. At the moment I use a powder to keep my face matted because I don't want to use up my Chanel blotting papers (they're too pretty and too expensive to replace ). Sometimes I use my Body Shop blotting papers, but because they're powdered it can be a hit and miss with them. This quickly absorbed excess oils without fuss and did not transfer my makeup off. There's an odd satisfaction I get from absorbing excess oils away from my face, does anybody else experience this? 
I have to admit that I wasn't too impressed with the contents this month. I feel like compared to the past month's contents and compared to my other subscriptions, this box was a let down. On a positive note, there are a couple of things I would love to try here and they're from brands I don't know much about. Subscription boxes can be a hit and miss but because the past couple of months contents have been impressive, I have high hopes that the LHI team will wow me again next month. If you're interested in trying out the box for yourself head on over to the Lust Have It! website here. The boxes are $19.95 per month which includes delivery.

What did you think of this month's Lust Have It! box?
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  1. That's a shame about the lip gloss! I was really looking forward to this one! You got a pretty good box!

    1. :( Yeah I was really hoping the lip gloss would be good too. Maybe it was just my experience...

  2. Shoesmakestheworldgoround8 November 2013 at 22:27

    What's the moisturiser like? Sounds like a good start to my anti ageing skin care regime. The ones from Estée Lauder seem a bit too intense for me. Even the shiseido Ibuki isn't compatible with my current moisteriser =( I think it's more the moisterisers fault though lol

    1. I haven't tried it yet love. When I do I'll tag you on Instagram x

      I'm yet to try Estee Lauder skin care. I've tried the serum and it's pretty good, so hopefully the other stuff in the range works out well.

      There are a few other brands I want to try out (including Shiseido) but they seem to be a bit tight with skin care samples. I want to try out the products first before I invest my money on it...


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