24 October 2013

My new business cards | 1250 Cards for free!!!

If you follow me on Twitter & Instagram, You'll know that I've recently updated my blogging "business cards (They're actually just contact cards, but business cards sounds pro lol). My old card design looked like this:
After some feedback and a change in personal taste, I decided to change the look of my cards so that it reflect edmy blog and of course my personal style. I ordered my cards from VistaPrint. When I first decided to change the layout, I discovered that adding my own images would be costly so I stuck to just adding my own header. It's predominantly just text. Here is what my card ended up looking like. I ordered 250 of these cards and paid just under $12.00.

I found the plain-text design was a little boring so I was elated when I received an email offer from VistaPrint for free image uploads & free shipping. I quickly logged on and went to town with adding images for my card (A girl's gotta take advantage when the opportunity presents itself) - I even added a shnazzy option to add a barcode that when scanned directs you to my blog's webpage (technology these days!). 

After designing my cards I also remembered that I had a $30.00 voucher, so after adding the voucher code along with the VistaPrint offer I was able to get 1000 full coloured cards for FREE. That's right Free. There are so very few things in life these days that are given out for nothing, so I was skeptical that I'd even receive this order. 

I had another $20.00 voucher  (I couldn't use both voucher codes in the same transaction) so I decided to try my luck and I ordered another 250 cards with a glossy finish and coloured back. 

I ended up ordering 1250 full coloured cards for free, I didn't think I would actually receive them but I was still hopeful. When they finally arrived I excitedly collected them from my local post office and when I opened the box I was so impressed by the card quality and how well the images printed. The photos I took of the cards don't do them any justice.

So there you have it - my exciting story (at least I think it's exciting hehe) about my free business cards. Do you have business cards for your blog? How do you hand people your card? I'm a little shy so I would love some tips please x

This was not a sponsored post. 
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  1. Nicely done! What a great bargain!

  2. WOW! That's an amazing deal! I LOVE the new business cards! Congrats :)

    1. Thank you xxx It was practically a steal lols!

  3. Oooh la la! That's so cool that you have your own business cards! :) I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here's the post:


  4. i;ve used them before and i need to update them!

  5. Thanks Natalie ♥ I find that it;s easier to get people to check out the blog if I hand them my card (plus I feel totes cool handing over "my card" haha).

    Thanks for the nomination sweetie. I'm heading over to the link to check it out ♥


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