28 November 2013

BellaBox November 2013

This month's BellaBox is a little underwhelming to say the least. Firstly, I received an email from the Bella Box team saying that the boxes would be late because they were waiting for some beauty products to arrive and also that the new packaging would be included. When my parcel arrived however, I noticed I didn't get the cosmetics bag, instead I got a disposable box. Not entirely a deal breaker but if you're going to promise your customers something, it should be delivered...

This month the box had 6 contents, 3 of which are full sized so that was definitely a goodie!.

Broken BellaBox Pout Pencil :(

  1. SIMPLE Eye Makeup Corrector Pen
    This removes eye makeup mistakes and is perfect for helping to create a perfect winged eye liner. I usually dip a pointed cotton tip in to an eye makeup remover so this is will be a handy tool to keep in my makeup bag.
  2. CARON LABORATORIES Bump Eraser Medi Paste
    I get a lot of in grown hairs so this will be interesting to use. The directions advise you to apply on to clean and dry skin after hair removal once daily for 7-10 days. Fingers crossed that this works because having to exfoliate daily to treat in grown hairs is a little tiresome.
    A night time exfoliate to help remove dead skin cells. Directions advise to apply this every 3rd night to begin with for 1 week and let the skin rest for a week and then repeat the process. Excited to give this a go!
  4. TIMELESS TRUTHS Deep Sea Moisturising Mask
    This mask helps to restore moisture in the skin. Definitely reserving this for my next DIY facial.
  5. BELLABOX Pout Pencils in Ruby Tuesday
    A highly pigmented lip colour infused with Vitamin E and beeswax.
    I was so excited about this but then disappointed that it pretty much broke off after I opened the cap. It's such a shame because the red is such a gorgeous shade *sigh*
  6. NAKED TAN Body Cleanser
    An alcohol-free body wash that removes oranges patches but won't ruin your tan. I don't apply false tan so I'm going to reserve this for a Summer giveaway I've got planned.

All in all this box wasn't incredible for me this month. I've been going around the blogo-sphere and see that other people's contents were better. There should be more uniformity in what's inside the boxes because everybody pays the same amount. I do however like the SIMPLE eye makeup corrector and if the pout pencil wasn't broken, I would have loved that too. Hopefully next month's BellaBox is better.

Are you subscribed to Bella Box? What do you think of this month's contents?

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  1. Sorry to hear you weren't that impressed. Fingers crossed everyone gets great stuff for the xmas box. I didn't realise that they were promising a cosmetics bag. Was the cosmetics bag supposed to be their new packaging? Or is the pillow box the new packaging? I'm so confused :S

    1. It's a good thing that the SIMPLE makeup corrector was included in this month's box, otherwise it would have been a complete disappointment, especially with the broken lip pencil. Such a shame because the colour is perfect.

      I'm not sure if the pillow box or the cosmetic bag is the new packaging too. I guess we'll see next month =) x

    2. Just wanted to let you know that Bellabox contacted me via Facebook and advised that I contact them about the lip pencil. They are now sending me a new pencil. I suggest you contact them at: info@bellabox.com.au.

    3. Hi Mel. Thanks for the heads up girl! Definitely going to contact them tomorrow. x Thank you.

  2. I wasn't all that impressed with my box. I didn't realise there was supposed to be a bag. Either way I prefer the old box, it was so useful and great for presents :)

    1. December's usually a very good month for subscription boxes so hopefully next month's one is better. I wasn't subscribed to BellaBox when they were using their old packaging, but I do prefer the re-usable boxes from my other subscriptions. They really are perfect for wrapping up pressies.

      I'd love it if the subscription boxes packaged their products in clear cosmetic cases instead though =) But maybe that's too expensive for them. I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for something like that...


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