22 November 2013

Get fabulous nails with Epic Nail nail foil kits

I love nail art but sometimes I'm deterred by it because it can be time consuming and often difficult to do. The Epic Nail Nail Foils Kit is the perfect solution to an easy and fast nail art design. Epic Nail has generously given me a nail foil kit to review. I chose the Essentials Nail Foil Kit because the 'All Laced Up' foil design really appealed to me.The kit contains 6 foil designs, 10 orange/cuticle sticks and nail foil glue. Applying these foil designs can get addictive because it’s so quick and easy to create gorgeous nails. Luckily the kit contains enough foils for over 60 manicures.
All Laced Up | Nail Foil
Application is a breeze once you get the hang of it. Instructions are included in the packaging but if you’re more a visual kinda gal just do a quick YouTube search. The foils can be applied after a coloured manicure or on your bare nails. Just apply the opaque white foil glue (included) and allow it to dry clear before placing the nail foil on your nail, design side up. Press on the foil and rub the surface firmly. Use a cotton bud or the slanted end of an orange stick (included) to press out any air bubbles. Gently peel back the foil and voila! You have a fabulous nail design. Apply a clear top coat to seal the design, but don’t use a fast drying top coat because they can alter the foils design.
Nail Foil Application
The Result

My Tips
When I first tried applying these it ended up being a fail, not because of the products themselves, but because I was waaayyy too eager and 
didn't follow the instructions properly. Make sure that the glue dries clear, this takes about 1 – 2 minutes, before you put the nail foil on top.

If you find that after removing the foil, the design 
didn't completely transfer over on to your nails, don’t panic because fixing it up is a cinch! Just apply the design over the bare spot and repeat the surface rubbing procedure again.

The glue remains tacky for a while but if it does dry out and you still have some bare spots to fill, just apply a light layer of glue, wait for it to dry and repeat the process.

Pre-cut the foil strips to make application easier. I recommend approximately 3cm pieces.

Once you’re done with your design, removal is super easy with nail polish remover. Alternatively soak a cotton pad with acetone polish remover, place the cotton on your nail, wrap with a piece of aluminium foil, wait 10-15 minutes and your design should be cleaned right off.

The foil kits as well as other awesome goodies are available from www.epicnail.com.au.
The kits cost $73.98, but are currently on sale for only $36.99

The wonderful team at Epic Nail has alsokindly given me a special voucher code for my readers. Enter BLOGLITTLEMISS at check out to get free shipping on all orders over $30.00 (Valid until December 31, 2013). 

Have you tried nail foiling before? 

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  1. Yours turned out soo good! I'm finding that I get so many bald patches from where the foil hasn't stuck :( either way, I still think its super cool! Definitely trying the leopoard print one next :)


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