11 November 2013

My Halloween Makeup Look

Hi lovlies, I realise that Halloween has long passed but I wanted to show you what I used to create my 2013 look. If you follow me on Instagram (@LittleMissSCB) you would have seen my Abandoned Doll look. This look was inspired after I attended the Halloween Party hosted by The Australian College Broadway.

I started off the look by rolling up my hair in sponge curlers  and I felt very retro chic
I wanted to use a white face base but going Halloween makeup shopping at the last minute was not a smart idea because as expected, most of the Halloween themed makeup was all sold out. I used two foundations instead to create a porcelain-like base. Here is what it looked like:

"Abandoned Doll"
Halloween Look
By the time I was painting on the black cracks on my face I was admittedly very tired. This look took over an hour to do because I had to keep re-touching the base and fixing things up. I would have liked the cracks to be more intricate but by that time I just wanted to leave the house haha!

Here are the products that I used to create my look.

Halloween Makeup
I didn't get a picture of all the brushes I used but it was ALOT. My advice for creating themed makeup is to have a few flat-dense brushes because they seem to be the best for creating themed makeup looks. I would also suggest having a large glass of water and a straw (so your lip makeup isn't disturbed) to keep yourself hydrated because these types of looks could take a while to complete.

I hope you all had a very happy and safe Halloween. If you created Halloween makeup send me a link in the comments section below or tag me on Twitter and/or Instagram @LittleMissSCB, I'd love to see your makeup looks too xox.

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