6 November 2013

The 2013 Halloween Party At The Australasian College Broadway

Last week I was very lucky to have been invited to attend the Halloween Party at the Australasian College in Broadway. The runway was decked out with Halloween themed decor and the cobwebs with spiders that hung from the ceilings created the perfect atmosphere for the show. The show's hosts were Dr Evil and his Mini Me. To start off the show Dr Evil led everyone to a group dance of the Time Warp.

Australasian College Broadway
The Halloween themed decor
The host "Dr Evil"
The event showcased the works of current students. Earlier on that day they were given a category at random and had to create a look based on that. The four categories were

  • The Freak Show
  • Creepers Of The Night
  • Evil Doll House
  • The Living Dead
All were amazing but my favourite was the Evil Doll House, there was something hauntingly beautiful about the looks created in this category. The amount of detail that came from all the looks in each category was nothing short of awe-inspiring. I have to admit that being around all that talent made me think about dropping everything and starting a makeup course haha! Everyone from the college was so lovely and it all looked really fun!



This was the very first event I was invited to as a blogger and I met some very lovely people whilst I was there. As you know I'm a VERY shy person and I was inwardly freaking out but thankfully everyone there was so nice and friendly. I did get the chance to do a card swap with Theresa from theladida.com (My first card swap yay!) We were also given a very generous gift of a pamper voucher worth $300. The certificate is so pretty I almost don't want to hand it over
I'd like say a big THANK YOU to the Australasian College Broadway for a fun filled night. I can't wait to come back for my pamper session 

Image courtesy of Australasian College Broadway
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  1. Wow that looks like an awesome night! Congratulations.

    1. Thanks Mel x It was a pretty cool experience =)


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