10 December 2013

My Yellow Nail Polish Collection Swatch and Photos

I've been in search of a perfect nail polish shade. I recently bought a few yellow shades and culled my collection and discovered that I had collected a good range of yellow polishes. In my collection I now have 7 yellow nail polishes.

The shades in my collection are:

  1. Cracker Jack 143 by Colour by TBN
  2. Sunshine Yellow by Amuse Nail Lacquer. I reviewed this polish last month. Click here to read it.
  3. 305 Electric Top Speed nail polish  by Revlon
  4. Honolulu by Ulta3 Nail Colour
  5. Exotic Canary by Ulta3 Nail Colour
  6. Wanna Be Your Sunshine by Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish
  7. Sunshine 280 by Rimmel London
The image above doesn't really show the shade differentiation, especially the slightly shimmery butter yellow shade of 305 Electric Pop (No. 3). My favourites in the collection would have to be both the polishes from Ulta3. Evelyn from @CottonCandyDiva recommended Fierce 'N' Tangy by Maybelline but I haven't been able to spot it at the stores I go to, so I'm definitely on the look out for that shade. If you have any yellow polish recommendations please let me know =)

What's your favourite yellow nail polish? Do you collect a certain colour?

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  1. It's all so sunny! I can't quite pull yellow off, but these are so cute!

    1. They're such chirpy shades =) I find that a buttery lemon yellow shade suits lighter skin tones...or if there's a colour I find that I like but doesn't look too cute on me, I use the colour in some polka-dot nail art ♥

  2. Oh wow, that's a lot of yellow polishes! I've only tried one, and the formula leaves a lot to be desired. I heard that good yellow polishes are as hard to find as good purple eyeshadows. Which of these would you say is the easiest to work with?

    1. Hi Sunny! ( I love that our names are practically the same! hehe)

      It's true that good yellow polishes are hard to find. It's either an off shade or a bad formula...I would say the Ulta3 polishes are the easiest ones to work with. Opacity was achieved after 2 layers. They were the cheapest as well, only AUD$2.00 ❤

  3. I love it! Let me know when you do find that perfect yellow shade haha


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