9 December 2013

Ulta3 Nail Polish Candy Cane 2013 Photos and Swatches

Over the weekend I picked up a little pre-Christmas treat for myself, and at only $12.95 why not?! 
The 10 Ulta3 nail polishes are packaged in a cute clear candy cane stick. 

Ulta3 2013 Nail Polish Candy Cane

The colours included in the set are:

  • Spring Break a deep purple cream shade.
  • Blue Marlin a dark blue cream shade.
  • Pacific Fever a deep seafoam green with shimmer.
  • Party Shoes a pink and coral cream shade.
  • Fruit Punch a deep blue toned cream shade.
  • Over The Rainbow a multi coloured glitter polish. My favourite in the set!
  • Twinkle Toes a silver glitter polish.
  • Pot Of Gold a gold glitter polish.
  • Tahiti a neon cream shade.
  • Fruit Tingle a neon pink cream shade.

Each nail polish is priced at just under $1.30 each ($12.95/10). Ulta3 polishes are Australia's #1 selling nail polish brand and it's not hard to understand why. They are highly pigmented and self-leveling polishes.

What's your favourite nail polish in this collection? Have you tried Ulta3 nail polishes?

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  1. Replies
    1. This set is great =) I love the multi glitter one the most.

  2. This is such awesome value. That pink is super pretty! We sell these at work, with my employee discount it would be even less but I need to go on a nail polish buying ban haha :) xx

    1. It's such an awesome value. Girl you need to get this set and go on the spending ban after the Chrissy sales! Haha =) x

  3. I never knew they were the best selling nail polish brand! What do you think of the quality? I love the variety in this pack!

    1. Isn't the variety awesome in this pack?! It's such great value. The polish quality is pretty awesome. It kicks the butt of some of my OPI polishes. The price range is great. You can experiment with different colours and it's easy to have a great polish collection on a budget ♥

  4. I recieved it for Christmas last year and I love it, it's even better this year as it has glitter polishes!

    the ladida

    1. I didn't know they had it last year too. Was it pretty much the same colours minus the glitters? Which one's your favourite Ulta3 polish? =) x


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