21 January 2014

Christmas Kris Kringle Blog Swap

Just before Christmas the lovely Jasmine and Melody organised the 2013 Kris Kringle Beauty Swap. These lovely ladies paired us up with another blogger to choose a little gift for and send it off to them. I received my parcel from Bronte. Bronte was so sweet and wrapped up my parcel for me in this cute Christmas packaging.

Beauty Blogger Secret Santa Swap 2013
Here are the goodies I received from Bronte.
Beauty Blogger Secret Santa Swap 2013

  • A note book
  • Essence Lipstick in
  • Essence Eye Shadow in
  • Essence Eyeliner in
  • Manicare Kelly Lashes

She also sent me a super nice letter which I truly appreciate. Thanks Bronte for this lovely Christmas cheer 

Once again thanks to Jasmine and Melody for co-hosting this beauty swap. A lot of work goes in to these swaps so I'd like to say that I appreciate the time you ladies put in to run these for us. I'd like to thank Jasmine for being lovely and respectful when I told her of my circumstances. Thank you. Swaps are great, not only because we end up with goodies but also because they're such a fun way for us to meet fellow bloggers and build connections on a more personal level.

Did you participate in this swap?
Have you made friendships through doing beauty swaps?


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed what I bought you :D

  2. Love it! I also participated in this swap and thought it was really fun. Looking forward to the next one!



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