28 February 2014

Violet Box February 2013 Review

Violet Box has once again impressed me with the contents of their February 2014 beauty box. I'll miss my monthly surprises from Violet Box. I really liked getting the collectible boxes and I adored the packaging but I had to choose just one beauty box to stay subscribed to. Anyway, here is what was in this month's Violet Box.

Violet Box February 2014

  1. BE A BOMBSHELL - The One Stick in 'Girl Crush'. RRP $21.00 (Received Full Size)

    "An all in one multiple stick with a smooth texture, Apply on eyelids, cheeks or lips for the perfect pop of colour anywhere!"

    The formula of this multipurpose product was smooth and non drying. On tanned skin Girl Crush is perfect as a cheek highlighter. I personally didn't like it applied on the eyelids. It left my eyes looking like a 10 year old girl who got a hold of glittery eyeshadow. On my lips the colour was too light. The effect on my cheeks reminds me of  my NARS Orgasm blush. Girl crush is a pretty soft pink shade that I think will work well with many skin tones.
  2. BE A BOMBSHELL - Lip Crayon in 'Trophy Wife'. RRP $19.00 (Received Full Size)

    The lip crayon applied smoothly on my lips. I did however feel a tingle after application, but that's just because my lips are quite sensitive to some cosmetics. Trophy Wife is a soft shimmery pink colour. The shade looked awkward on me. I think this shade would suit fairer skin tones.
  3. RED CARPET KOLOUR. RRP $49.95, 150ml (Received 2 Sachets)

    An innovative, non transfer all-over body lotion that claims to provide coverage for pigmentation, veins, cellulite, stretchmarks, age spots and wrinkles.

    Unfortunately, it did not deliver on it's claims. I received the shade Medium which was a perfect match for my skin tone. The cream was pretty much  just a shimmer lotion. I certainly wouldn't apply it all over the body. I think on a night out it would look good around the decolletage. Didn't cover any stretchmarks or pigmentation, but it left a pretty shimmer.
  4. WOTNOT - Facial Wipes. RRP $7.95, 25 Wipes (Received 5 Wipes)

    I love this brand. I received this from one of my beauty boxes last month (I forget which one). I'll use this the next time I go away for a weekend trip. These facial wipes are excellent for those with sensitive skin.
  5. NUXE CREME NIRVANESQUE RRP $49.95, 50ml (Received 15ml Sample)

    Claims to de-stress and relax expression lines. I don't have prominent lines on my face so I didn't try this product. I might give this to my mum to try...
  6. APHELIA OASIS ACNE SOLUTION RRP $49.00, 50ml (Received 2ml Sample)

    A herbal acne solution that claims to  control acne and blemishes. The sample is in a mini roll on bottle, which I think might be a little unhygienic especially if you're going to apply it on blemishes...At present I don't have any blemishes *heavenly music* but come the end of the month I know I will be testing this out and fingers crossed that it lives up to it's claim.

    Violet Box also included a bonus heart shaped lollipop 

    I'll miss my Violet Box subscriptions, especially the very handy collectible boxes. I enjoyed the contents of the boxes. There was always full sized products included in the box which made the $22.95 subscription fee worth it. The boxes came on time as well. All in all I was very happy with the service of Violet Box and I may subscribe again in the near future. If you're interested in subscribing, head on over to their website: www.violetbox,com,au

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23 February 2014

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12 February 2014

Lust Have It! January 2013 Review

This box only arrived to me this week...A month late...again. Seriously disappointed with the tardy delivery from Lust Have It! Three consecutive months of late deliveries has really annoyed me. On a more positive note, this month contained 3 full sized products which almost makes up for the super delayed postage.

So here is what was included in the January 2013 box.

Lust Have It! January 2013

  1. MODEL CO. Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in 'Strip Tease' RRP $18.00, 4ml {Received Full Size}
    I love that the lip gloss tube has an in-built mirror, it's super handy and all gloss and lipsticks should have a mirror on it. The lip gloss smells absolutely sweet and delightful. 'Strip Tease' is a super light peach shade with light shimmer. Applied to my lips it was almost invisible and left a nice sheen. It did not react on my lips but it did have that sticky lip-gloss feel to it.

  2. INVISIBLE ZINC Tinted Day Wear RRP $14.95, 20ml {Received Full Size}
    This 3-in-1 product is a sunscreen, moisturiser and a foundation. I received a medium shade which is great because I can use it. I've been obsessed with wearing sunscreen since discovering that my face has been freckled by the sun. Very happy to receive this product.

  3. AVEDA Dry Remedy Daily Moisturising Oil RRP $25, 40ml {Received 3ml}
    This hair treatment is formulated without silicon and is formulated to penetrate and instantly moisturise hair. Unfortunately this left my hair a little greasy and I didn't even put a lot on. I think this will be perfect as an overnight treatment if you'll be washing your hair the next day.

  4. SIMPLE Cleansing Facial Wipes RRP $6.99, 25 Wipes {Received 7 wipes}
    I love this! It's one of my favourite facial cleansing wipes. Perfect for those with sensitive skin. This cleanses the skin without leaving it dry. Very happy to receive this in the box.

  5. PAULA'S CHOICE Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel RRP $45.80, 118ml {Received 30ml}
    This gel claims to aid in fading the signs of sun damage on the skin. It also helps to correct uneven skin tone. I haven't tried this yet because I still have alot of other products to try out first.

  6. EVODIA Lemon Sorbet Hand Cream RRP $17.95, 100ml {Received Full Size}
    I haven't opened this yet but I can smell the slightly sweet lemon scent through the cap. Again, I still have a lot of hand creams that I need to use up before I open this one. Another product I'm super happy to have received.

Despite the disappointment in the super delayed postage of this box, I am very pleased with the contents of this box. I really liked receiving the Invisible Zinc and the Evodia hand cream. I hope that Lust Have It! improves with their postage and that the delay doesn't continue because I really like the company and they were the first beauty box company that I was subscribed to. Are you subscribed to Lust Have It? What did you think of the January 2013 box. 

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Violet Box January 2013 Review

Violet Box is another company that's been impressing me with their monthly contents. The January 2013 box had a good range of skin care products mainly from brands I haven't heard of so I was excited to get to try out new stuff.

Violet Box January 2013
  1. VILLAINESS Luxury Body Soap in Ginger Snapped

    A slightly psychotic blend of sweet cinnamon, rich cardamom, spicy ginger, and a faint touch of innocent vanilla."

    This soap smells so gorgeous and luxurious. It's scent is slightly sweet and not at all overpowering. It's packaged in a small envelope and the sticker label has a vintage-esque look. The soap contains ginger root throughout to aid the warming and exfoliation of the skin.
  2. MOR Hand Creams in 'Black Currant Iris' and 'Basil & Grape'

    I haven't opened the two sample satchets yet, but I'm sure they would smell gorgeous.
  3. ACORELLE Eau De Parfum in 'Land of Cedar'

    "With it's blend of cedar and bergamot essential oils, LAND OF CEDAR eau de parfum will restore strength, energy and a positive attitude."

    Unfortunately, I did not like the scent of this perfume on me. The scent's top notes are too strong for me and too woodsy. The scent also reminds me of licorice (which I don't like). I do however like it as a room spray. I spritz it around prior to meditating and it was a great scent to set the mood. Spraying it in a room diluted the strong scent and left my room smelling like a health spa.
  4. SO SUSAN Water Based Pure Luminizer

    Made in Italy, this cruelty free illuminator is 82% water-based and does not contain sulfates, mineral oils, phtalates, triclosan and animal by-products. I'm not too keen on shimmer products but I tried a little dot on my brow bone and was impressed. You only need a little bit of product to achieve the look you want.
  5. LUSH Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser

    Lush's popular facial moisturiser has a steady following among beauty affecionados. I've received samples of this cream before. I've grown to like LUSH products so I liked that this was included. I'll be using this for my next DIY home facial.
  6. SO SUSAN 4-Free Nail Lacquer in '12'

    12 is a soft pink shade. I'm glad that I received a relatively neutral shade as I seem to be wearing those colours a lot more. The polish formula drys relatively quickly and contains rosehip oil to moisturise and strengthen the nails and skin around it.

Overall, the contents of the January Violet Box did not disappoint. I will be staying subscribed for a little longer. I was thinking of stoping all my subscription boxes but I've been so impressed with Violet Box and Bella Box lately that I've decided to stay subscribed for a little longer. If you want to find out more head on over to http://www.violetbox.com.au/

Are you subscribed to Violet Box? What was your favourite item in the box?

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11 February 2014

Bella Box January 2013

I have been very impressed by the contents from Bella Box and the January 2013 Bella Box contains many goodies!

Bella Box January 2013
  1. MODEL CO. Fat Lash Volumising Mascara RRP $20.00, 11ml Received Full Size.
    A hydrating and lengthening mascara. At present, I have over 15 un-opened mascaras...So I don't think I'll get to try this, not for a while anyway.
  2. PALMOLIVE Ayuritual Shower Gel RRP $6.79, 400ml Received 50ml Sample.
    The aromatic scent of this shower gel is surprisingly luxurious. The formula is non drying.
  3. WOTNOT Facial Wipes RRP $7.95, 25 Wipes Received 5 Wipes.
    I've tried these facial wipes before and loved them! They're perfect for those with sensitive skin. The wipes are effective at removing makeup and are non drying.
  4. COCONUT REVOLUTION Coconut Body Cream RRP $24.95, 250g Received 50g.
    I haven't yet opened this but already I can smell gorgeous scent of this lotion.
  5. AVENE Hydrance Optimale RRP $52.95, 40ml Received 5ml sample.
    This cult beauty product has a light un-offending scent which reminds me of cosmetics from the 90s. The cream feels thick and hydrating yet not heavy and greasy. It was a pleasure to use and did not irritate my skin.
  6. AVENE Moisture Mask RRP $41.95, 50ml Received 5ml sample.
    Another product with a cult following, this preservative free face mask is suitable for sensitive skin.The scent is unpleasant to me, but the formula is light weight and hydrating.
  7.  YES TO CARROTS C Me Lip Tint RRP$ 9.95 Received Full Size Sample.
    I haven't opened this yet, I plan to give it to my cousin who likes organic cosmetics.

I was very happy with the contents of this box. It's contents exceeds it's subscription price and was absolutely value for  money. There was a good mix of skin care and cosmetic products in the January Bella Box. I can't wait to receive the February Bella Box. I hope it's as good as the January one.
Are you subscribed to a beauty box? For further information visit the Bella Box site here.

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9 February 2014

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2 February 2014

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