2 March 2014

Lust Have It! February 2014 Review

This month's LustHaveIt! box arrived on time. This month the box contained 7 items, 3 of which are full sized products. This was my last month being subscribed to Lust Have It! The brand was the first beauty box company I was subscribed to but unfortunately the continued late delivery of my last 3 boxes influenced my decision to cancel my subscription. Although this month did not come with it's collectible box packaging, I'm so glad that my last box from Lust Have It! was a good one. Here is what was included in the February 2014's Lust Have It! box:

Lust Have It! February 2014

  1. VASELINE: Ultimate 10 Anti Aging Body Lotion RRP $16.29, 750ml *Received 25ml Sample*
    Claims to restore and tightens the skin whilst relieving the skin from dryness. The lotion smells luxuriously perfumed, is light weight and absorbs into the skin quickly. The lotion left my skin feeling soft and pleasantly scented. I did feel slightly itchy so this might not be ideal for sensitive skin.

  2. JUICE BEAUTY: Green Apple Peel Sensitive RRP $65, 60ml *Received 7ml Sample*
    Exfoliates to reduce and refine fine lines and wrinkles and lightens hyperpigmentation. This mask is lovely to use. I didn't get a reaction from using this. I haven't used this long enough to test the claims on lightening hypermigmentation.

  3. (Whoops, I numbered the same product)

  4. HAND SPA BIJOUX: Hand Wipe RRP $1.50 *Received full size wipe*
    Made from 100% cotton this hand wipe is designed to provide the skin with deep moisturisation. I did a little research on this and found that it also contains anti bacterial properties. So it's pretty much a luxurious cleansing wipe I think (of course I'm happy to be proven wrong). I didn't find it overly moistursing but the wipe felt pleasant against my skin. I wouldn't re-purchase this one though. I think it's a tad over-priced and a little gimmicky.

  5. THE COSMETIC KITCHEN: Eye Shadow in 'Raspberry Cooly' RRP$22.50 *Received Full Size*
    Apply dry for subtle effects and damp for electric colour. I haven't tried this yet, but I'm glad I received a pink shade. I don't have many pink eye shadows.

  6. CLAIROL PROFESSIONAL: Radiance Shampoo RRP$13.95, 250ml *Received 50ml Sample*
    I haven't tested this shampoo yet but it smells pleasant enough. It's designed to protect and instantly condition coloured hair.

  7. THE COSMETIC KITCHEN: Blush Brush RRP$22.50 *Received Full Size*
    Certified vegan and cruelty free cosmetic brushes. The blush brush I received is so soft and the bristles are densely packed yet very felxible and distributes blush over the face evenly.

  8. CLAIROL PROFESSIONAL: Volume Mousse RRP$19.50, 50ml *Received 50ml Sample*
    I don't use mousse so I'll leave give this to a friend instead.
I liked what was in this month's LustHaveIt! box. I liked receiving the blush brush in particular. Are you subscribed as well? What was your favourite item in the box?

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  1. The brush was a great inclusion! Glad you liked this box :) I also find that the hand wipe is really weird and random lol...

    1. Lols haha it really was random, but good to try. I'll stick to my baby wipes though :-)

  2. You got the blush brush! I would be a little more jealous, except that I got the eyehadow one and I've already used it and it's great.

    1. I would have loved the eye shadow brush! =) You can never have too many brushes in my opinion x


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